Why You Need A Face With Your Brand

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm gonna be talking about why you need to have a face with your brand.


Video has a lot of power, because it allows you to create a personal character or face with your brand.

Think about huge companies. Flo from Progressive, you see her face, she is the symbol. Geico, you see the gecko, they had the caveman. They had both of them. They're characters that reference, and you associate them with the brand and with the company.

Matthew McConaughey, from the Buick's commercials. When you think about it, who would you rather do business with, a logo or a face? And that's what it comes down to.

You wanna create a face with your brand because that's who people wanna do business with. People don't do business with companies, they do businesses with people! And that's why it is so critical to have video to increase that brand presence.

Now, this also works with photos that you're posting on social media in general. If you think about...

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What Is The Best Social Media Site?

On today's episode of Digital Champions I'm gonna be talking about what is the best social media site.

What is it? Drum roll please...

The best social media site is... YouTube.

Yep, YouTube. Did you guess that?

The reason why YouTube is the best social media site is because it is also a search engine. Yes and Google owns YouTube.

"YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google."

"YouTube is twenty five percent of all Google searches."

"72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds."

"More than 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube everyday."

That, is crazy. Not to mention, because Google owns YouTube, just by having YouTube videos on your website it's going to improve your search engine optimization. Yes, we all love SEO.

So, just by filming videos, putting them on YouTube and then embedding those videos onto your website can improve your SEO and more likely to show up in Google searches.

The other reason why YouTube is so powerful is because...

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How To Improve Your Video Presence

On today's episode of Digital Champions, we're talking about how to improve your video presence.

Video is just like anything else. It takes what? It takes practice.

Video is just like riding a bike, it takes time. The first time you start, you're gonna wobble, you may fall, it's okay, you get back up, you try again. The same thing goes with video.

You may fumble on some of your words, you may think about things that you wanted to say that you forgot, there are a number of different things that could happen during your video that you wish you did differently. But the point is you need to just get it out there, and not worry about the little details or things that you could have done better.

The idea is you put it out there, and the next video you move forward and make it better the next time. Put your content out there, don't be afraid, don't be worried about little things that could have been done, perfectionism in video is not gonna happen, you're always gonna find ways that you...

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The 3 Most Common Mistakes When Filming On Your Phone

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm gonna talk about some common mistakes that people make when filming a video on their phones.

1. Look Into The Lens

The first thing, and I see it all the time, all the time, it's absolutely insane. When you're filming a video, on your phone, don't look at the screen. Look at the lens!

When someone takes a picture of you, what do you look at? You're looking at the lens of the camera. However, we're in the realm of the selfie world and people have the tendency to just stare at themselves instead of looking at the lens on the camera. What does that do?

You're looking off-screen. If you wanna truly connect with your audience, you need to look directly at the lens. The same thing goes of just taking a selfie in general. Be sure to look at the lens because it makes a huge difference in connecting with your audience on a personal level. When you look at the lens it as if you're looking them right in the eyes. That's how you speak to somebody in...

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5 Things You Need To Get Started With Video Marketing

It starts with your phone. You may be thinking, Nick, of course, I know my phone does video. My 100-year grandmother knows how to film video her phone. True.

Yet, there are thousands of businesses that don’t have video. Businesses that are more established would rather spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional to create one video. If you saw my video from last week, you know one video isn’t enough! To have a professional create multiple videos will really rack up the price tag.

So what do you need to get started?

  1. Phone: Smartphone cameras are truly amazing and a perfect place to start
  2. Tripod: Holding your phone can be a struggle, especially depending on the length of your video. If you try to position it on a table or something of that sort, you tend to get a weird angle. A tripod allows you to create a quality shot and ads that little upgrade to production value. Plus you can get a tripod on Amazon for around $15 which is a very cheap investment. (Click here...
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Why Video Marketing

On today's episode of Digital Champions we're gonna be talking about why video marketing. Let's talk some stats real quick.

Did you know 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium?

Did you know that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video? And viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in video compared to 10% when reading it in text?

And if that's not enough, did you know that social video generates 1200% more shares than images and text combined? Yes, these are some great stats.

But if you truly want to have an impact, you cannot just make one video. And that's the biggest common mistake. People think that if they make one video, all of a sudden just magic is gonna happen, and their business is gonna change by making one video.

That's not how it works. The reason why you need to consistently create video content is because it takes time to build relationships through video. It used to be that eight to 12...

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