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Your Business Doesn't Grow If You Remain Unseen

If you don’t have a strong online strategy you will remain unseen and unheard. Many home care agencies are doing 1 of these two options.

They don’t have an online presence at all or they outsource it to a digital marketing company. You are here because you want to improve what you're doing online, however, you wouldn't have someone who doesn't know your business try and sell your services, would you? So how could some other organization properly market and represent your company?

They can't and you shouldn't want them to. Your online presence is your voice and your unique brand. Not to mention, it will cost you hundreds (maybe even thousands) a month with little to show for it. 

There is a 3rd option...

Learning the systems and strategies so you can execute them under your own roof.

Who is Nick Bonitatibus?

Your guide to becoming a Digital Champion!

Nick has spent the last 7 years teaching home care businesses how to generate leads online using the power of video and social media.  

In 2018,  it was very obvious people were searching for an easy way to take advantage of the power of video, but they didn’t know how to get started. 

As a result, he launched “Lead Machine Academy” to help agency owners and marketing reps to quickly and easily leverage video marketing.


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We're NOT "Digital Champions"...


"Nick is not only an incredible guy... he is an incredible coach. His ability to listen and get to the root of cause matched with his ability to help you define and work toward your end results is a true skill. Yes, he is a top notch digital marketing and lead generating machine but his professional and relatable approach of delivery is something that sets him apart. I highly recommend him and his services!"

Jessica Nobels
Owner of Home Care Ops and Nobility Care Solutions

"Nick showed me there is an intentionality that goes behind social media and video marketing that is crucial to the success of an organization. I have leaned and continue to lean heavily on Nick's expertise to help me and my organization grow in those areas."

Caleb Roseme
CEO of Assured Quality Home Care

"He will grow your business! I have known Nick over one year as our video marketing coach. He is so passionate & knowledgeable in what he does & it truly shows in his work. Hire him! He will grow your business!"

Chris Zayid
CEO at Affinity Senior Care

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