Who is Nick Bonitatibus?

Hi! This is me...

  • Founder of Digital Champions
  • Business Coach
  • Digital Marketing Strategist 
  • Speaker
  • Video Connoisseur
  • Podcast Host

Strategy + Habits

I haven't just been teaching courageous entrepreneurs how to generate leads with video for their businesses because I know there is so much more to it.  

Over the last 7 plus years I also developed an obsession with what habits it takes to be successful. Our lives and businesses our fully dependent on the habits we implement each and every day (good or bad).

It's the reason I launched my podcast Let's Grow Together, so I could reveal what I (and my amazing friends) have done to create a thriving business and a happy life. 

Attitude of Gratitude

Life is too short to take things too serious. Everyday, I am so unbelievable grateful to wake up to living my dreams. 

I truly never thought it would be possible for me, but shifting that belief is EXACTLY what made it possible!

When you are truly grateful just to be alive - doors begin to open and amazing people come to you. 

My favorite books to create amazing habits for success in BUSINESS ...

and in LIFE...

Host of the inspirational high performance podcast

Let's Grow Together

If you want to MASTER the ups and downs of entrepreneurship...

If you are looking to uncover the habits and mindset of highly successful people...

If you're looking to truly THRIVE in both life and business...

...then you're going to LOVE the Let's Grow Together Podcast!

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See How Nick Has Helped His Students:

Nick is fan-frickin'-tastic!

As a one woman shop, I put out a lot of content and I've tried to put out video in the past, but never with really any consistency or strategy behind it, really at all. And so it seemed like a lot of work for little to no return. Nick has really whipped my processes into shape, my understanding into shape, and made things so much more clear, actionable, and easy to deliver than I ever could have expected.

My audiences are loving it and my viewership is growing. I feel like I know what I'm doing, which for a stressed out small business owner like me is invaluable. So if you are looking to take the video that you're putting out and actually put out something that's worth it, take that effort and refine it. I highly, highly recommend sitting down with Nick. He is whip-smart, he knows his stuff and it works. Thanks, Nick."

Annie P. Ruggles

(Founder of Non-Sleazy Sales Academy)

Our exposure has been increased, our inquiries have increased and our connections have grown measurably.

We were the type of ‘digital marketers’ that thought they were doing the right thing by posting relevant articles once in a while or posting random pictures of our company in the community.

Nick has walked alongside us as we have tackled the world of video. Video with intention that has allowed us to create powerful strategies on social media that is already producing results.

Our exposure has been increased, our inquiries have increased and our connections have grown measurably over the last several weeks and we believe it to be directly related to the video program. We recommend Nick’s program to anyone that is looking to broaden their digital footprint.

Bob and Dawn Neely

(Owners of Seniors Helping Seniors)

Direct and simplistic. The road to video success is paved by Nick Bonitatibus!

Direct and simplistic. The road to video success is paved by Nick Bonitatibus!

Nick, you inspire me. You inspire others. Nick, you are like helium. You allow people from within to rise up. You would be the fire in a hot air balloon. If I am the air, you are the fire. Thanks for igniting us and lifting us up. Thank you for being our helium. Nick Bonitatibus, you inspire. Keep doing what you do and I'll keep doing my thing and hopefully one day I can inspire others like you have. Thank you!

Dan McGuire

(Director of Sales and Marketing at Right at Home)

Nick has been instrumental!

Nick has been instrumental in my marketing for two businesses now. I’m thrilled to be working with him on videos now! He is always positive, incredibly smart, creative, and really knows how to make me create amazing videos. His online course has been super helpful and his coaching keeps me moving forward in productive and creative ways. I will always reach out to him for marketing help.

Christine Trumbull

(Founder of Coaching The Climb)

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