Who is Nick Bonitatibus?

Proud To Serve Home Care Heroes

It is truly an honor and a privilege to work in the Home Care industry for so many reasons. 

For starters, 7 years ago when I attended my first home care event I started to see one resounding theme among everyone I met...

You all care so much about helping people. Those in this industry are not in it for the money, but rather to insure that those who need it get the absolute best possible care. It is such a beautiful thing to see. It has became my mission to do everything I can to help you help more people. 

Second, you all continue to change the lives for all the people you work with. They need help and you are there! The need for more caring people like yourself and all those you employ continues to grow and grow. 

In 2016, I spoke at my first Home Care Conference in Philadelphia about social media marketing and when I exited the stage I found a new passion. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge to anyone who will listen. Since then I have spoken to thousands of people all over the country.

One thing that I have come to realize is that you have the power to create an even greater impact on your community (and your business) when utilizing video and social media. You have knowledge of your own and your audience is waiting for you to step into the light and share just as I have. 

If you would like to become an expert and industry leader while simultaneously using your knowledge to attract clients and caregivers - I can help!

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Attitude of Gratitude

The first core value of my life and business is Gratitude.

Life is too short to take things too serious. Everyday, I am so unbelievable grateful to wake up to living my dreams. 

I truly never thought it would be possible for me, but shifting that belief is EXACTLY what made it possible!

When you are truly grateful just to be alive - doors begin to open and amazing people come to you. 

Always Growing, Always Learning

Here are a few of my favorite books to create amazing habits for success in BUSINESS...

and in LIFE...

My personal tagline is...

It's A Movement!

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