Home Care Content Ideas For The Season of Giving

It is that time of year...

There is no greater gift than the gift of education and it is so much more important this time of year for our senior community.

Here are a few topic ideas that you should create this month. Time is running out so don't wait - just create!

Ho. Ho. Ho!

Nick Bonitatibus here again! Today I’m going to share with you  some amazing holiday content that you can create this season.

There are three amazing videos that you can create specifically for your business that we're gonna go over today.

These three videos come from this resource that I created called the Elder Care Content Guide, which has over a hundred different video content topics that you can talk about throughout the year.

Therefore, this content resource will last you forever.

If you want this guide, it's available for Lead Machine Academy members.

All you got to do is go to www.thedigitalchamps.com/lma to find out how you can join.

#1 Senior Holiday Gift Ideas

The first holiday video...

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Home Care Agencies Crushing It Online: Check Them Out!!

home care digital Dec 01, 2022

What does an amazing social media presence look like?

Today, I'm talking about some superstars in home care that are absolutely crushing it online.

On this Home Care Digital’s blog post, we dive into some of my incredible Lead Machine Academy members. We’ll be discovering what they're doing and why they are thriving.

The students that I'm going to go over are part of my online community, Lead Machine Academy, which is focused on online training and coaching to help leverage video to drive results, to attract clients, referral sources and caregivers.

#1 Jonathan Marsh

The first person I want to mention is Jonathan Marsh. He's in Bradenton, Florida and he is a true student of the program in implementing, utilizing and creating amazing videos on a consistent basis. He’s just pumping it out and he's seeing the results.

You can check out his testimonial that he sent on my website.

But what's so awesome is that he's leveraging it for every particular audience.

So as...

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Simple Home Care Marketing Strategy That Actually Works

It's simple...

This works and it works for every business. Failure to do this one strategy is guaranteed failure for your organization.

Simple Home Care Marketing Strategy that Actually Works

Do you know what is the number one fundamental piece of all businesses?

This must be done and used again and again and again.

Understanding this one principle will dramatically change your home care business to generate more referrals for your agency.

So what is the most fundamental piece of all businesses?

Doesn't matter what it is.

Every single business is built on this one fundamental piece.

Building relationships.

It is the most important thing that you can do in your business.

A lot of times, if you've watched my videos, you’ll notice that I am always talking about social media, doing videos, and tackling other digital marketing strategies.

But the thing that really moves the needle is building relationships.

Truth be told, you can build a successful business simply by building...

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More Home Care Referrals With The Thanksgiving Challenge

Want more referrals this holiday season?

Thanksgiving is approaching and when you participate in this challenge - you will get more referrals and/or reconnect with some key contacts at your referral sources.

Do you want more Home Care referrals this holiday season? Of course you do!

In this post, I’m going to share how you can do this one simple thing and get amazing results. You can also have the opportunity to win some amazing prizes.

So make sure you read the entire post. 

The Thanksgiving Challenge.

First thing, all we have to do is lead with gratitude.

If you know me well, you know that I love gratitude.

I live my life with gratitude.

In fact, I have a gratitude journal every single day.

I'm writing five things that I'm grateful for.

Side note, I'm grateful for you just for reading this blog.

Thank you!

But how can we use and leverage gratitude within our business?

As we all know, Thanksgiving is the time of giving thanks.

So, we want to utilize this, showcase...

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Home Care Marketing Secret Weapon You NEED To Use More

Have you ever thought about what powerful tool you can use in your tool belt that will generate more sales and get more caregivers? Of course you have! Let's dive in. 

The number one tool to use in your tool belt is social proof. Now, social proof does not just mean reviews. It’s also important to know what you can do to get more reviews, where you can use them, and really know the fundamentals of leveraging this. 

It’s crucial to understand what we're really leveraging and showcasing transformations and experiences. It’s not just getting Google reviews to acquire more clients. 

It’s an aspect not only to get more clients, but also to get more results and referrals. In addition, it’s also about attracting more caregivers to your business.

So where can you use these reviews? 

Because a lot of times we're pushing to get more Google reviews. However, we're not actually using and leveraging them. If you're not focusing on Google...

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How To Increase Caregiver Show Up and Avoid Getting Ghosted

Tired of applicants applying and then just disappearing?

Yes, I know that you have been there.

Rachel Gartner, owner and CEO of Carework, talks about how you can increase your show up rate so that you can continue to drive results, and get more applicants that actually are hired. This is crucial so that you can service more clients for your home care business.

Let's dive in!

 Learn more about Rachel and CareWork here: https://www.careworkus.com/

Tips on Increasing Caregiver Show Up and Avoid Getting Ghosted 

One of the biggest things within this industry when it comes to recruiting caregivers for your business is the show up rate and people not showing up.

So what can owners do to really increase that show up rate and avoid getting ghosted?

Let’s first clarify that there are two places where people are getting ghosted or having a lot of no shows: 

  1. The interviews
  2. Raising your pay or raising your sign on incentives

A lot of what we're seeing right now in 2022...

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How Many Caregiver Applicants Do You Need To Be Successful? With Special Guest Rachel Gartner

Want to get more applicants? But how many applicants do you actually need in order to help your business grow and flourish? On today's episode, we welcome Rachel Gartner from Carework to help you determine what it looks like to be successful.


How Many Caregiver Applicants Do You Need?

When it comes to running Indeed ads or any type of ads for recruiting applicants or caregivers, it is important to know how many applicants you need to be successful.

So this number, like every data point in recruiting, varies based on the agency in the market.

One of the first things people will realize is:

“I need more applicants if I'm a larger agency and I want to hire more.”

“I need fewer applicants if I'm a smaller agency and I'm not hiring as much.”

But what they don't think about is the number of applicants it takes you to get a hire is completely different.

There are some agencies where it takes them a lot of applicants to get a single hire....

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Indeed Ads: How Much Should Home Care Businesses Be Spending? With Special Guest Rachel Gartner

Using Indeed to get caregivers?

Most agencies are and it is one of the top sources, but it can get costly. On today's episode, we welcome caregiver recruiting expert and owner of Carework Rachel Gartner.

Let’s talk about Indeed.

As we’ve discussed in our previous posts, Indeed is such an amazing resource to use to get applicants for your business.

However, you may be asking how much money you should be spending to get your desired results.

In this post, Rachel Gartner, a caregiver recruiting expert from Carework will give us her insights to answer that.

So, let's dive in.

How Much Should Home Care Business Owners Be Spending on Indeed when Attracting Caregivers?

If you spend $600 a month, you're going to meet your hiring goals or whatever it is if you spend this amount per month.

You might be surprised, but there is not an answer that will work for everybody.

Keep in mind that  everybody's markets are different, as well as their appeal to applicants. In addition,...

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What Caregivers REALLY Want! (Hint: it's not money)

What do they want?

To successfully recruit (and retain) caregivers - we have to know what they want.

Here's a hint: it's not money!! Here is what they really want...

There’s no doubt that you need caregivers.

But here's the thing.

They don't want more money.

You might be thinking:

“What? No way!”

“Are you serious?”

“What do I mean?”


The truth is, caregivers don't want more money.

They want what money can buy them. Agreed?

The same thing goes with you. You don't want more money.

You want what money can buy you. Car, home, food, freedom.

So, we need to understand that each particular caregiver wants something different in what they're doing with their money.

And so when we understand what it is that they want, we can then better attract and help them to achieve their goals..

More money is not always the answer.

They want the tools and resources so that they can achieve their goals.

It's not just about that dollar amount.


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How To Set Yourself Apart In A Caregiver Shortage World with Aaron Osgood from impowered

You have to be different! But how?

We conclude our 3 part series with Aaron Osgood as he shares the key steps to differentiating yourself from other agencies in your territory during this caregiver shortage.

To learn more about how impowered can help your agency - click here

Missed Earlier Episodes? Click Here For Part 1 Click Here For Part 2


You might be wondering how you can stand out in a crowded market with so many people and high demand, but such a limited supply?

Tips on How To Set Yourself Apart in this Caregiver Shortage World

How you set yourself apart is a way of saying that we want you to have more impact as a caregiver. We're also going to reward you with pay.

It's simple, but that is literally it.

One approach to recruiting that a lot of people talk about, but a lot of people don't always do, is rehiring people that previously worked for your company.

When you go and rehire those past caregivers, you need to have a competitive advantage that you're...

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