E53. Baking 6 Figures Of Joy With Teresa Kwon

Teresa has such an incredible story and that was even before she launched and grew her bakery business to 6 figures in 6 months during the pandemic. This episode will fuel you with so much more than joy (you will know what I mean when you listen in)!

Teresa is a curiosity driven globetrotter, foodie, nature lover, bookworm, curator of intentional gatherings, Business Growth Strategist for values-driven change makers and entrepreneurs who want build and scale wildly successful organizations and businesses that elevate society all while keeping values, family & freedom first.


Teresa is also a Leadership Coach who mentors and coaches wholehearted women to become thriving leaders living aligned with purpose working alongside thriving teams. She holds a Master in Public Administration in Strategic Leadership and Management with 26 years of experience working and leading in top organizations and companies around the world in nonprofits to government to tech startups.


Teresa is a furmom to an adorable toy poodle named, Blackjack, and owns a booming Bakeshop business with her loving sushi and patisserie chef husband in Austin, Texas.


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