E62. Setting Your Mind Up For Success With Tommy McCollister

On today's episode of Let's Grow Together, I talk with high performance fitness and life coach Tommy McCollister where he shares how to set your mind up for success.

Tommy McCollister was achieving all he could imagine or want, but it wasn’t enough...
What he didn’t know was, it never would be. With lots of free time, all his financial needs met, an amazing wife and two awesome kids. Yet, he was numb. No passion, No purpose, depression and anxiety filled his days.
It didn’t matter that he had become a top ranked BMX bicycle racer on the national circuit, performed music alongside major artists, developed a shredded muscular physique, and worked as a successful coach of high level athletes and body composition clients.
He thought to himself, “There HAS to be more to life than this!”
That was the EXACT thought that changed the whole course of his life!! Tommy took his overachiever attitude that he had for “selfish” goals and started splitting that up amongst the things that ULTIMATELY mattered.
Tommy and his wife Dianne made BOLD move after BOLD move, which ultimately led to them launching their Coaching Business! Since then they have helped countless people transform their lives and accomplish things they feared they never would!!
Their mission is to help driven men and women find the balance and the body to match the business, while being at peace with themselves!!!

Follow Tommy on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/realpresence_fit/


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