E65. Changing Your State To Attract Better Results With Gregg Mazza

What are the best referral sources? Whats the best strategy? These are common questions for home care businesses, however, on today's episode of Let's Grow Together Gregg Mazza breaks down what it truly takes to get results.

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Gregg got into the home care business because he saw the struggles his mother went through trying to care for his elderly grandmother as she was aging.  In 2006, he started his entrepreneurial dream of owning a home care agency only to come face to face with the harsh realities of owning a 24-7 home care business.   

After almost running out of cash in 2010, and recognizing that the way he was taught to sell was not working consistently enough in his business, Gregg went on a mission to change.  He invested heavily in himself learning from people way smarter than him.  Over the next 12 months, he was able to turn things around by increasing revenue over $1M in 12 months and going from the brink of disaster, to creating a home care agency with over 150 caregivers and the business eventually running mostly without he and his partner.  

For those of you that care about credentials.  Gregg has an MBA from the University of South Florida, over 22 years of sales and sales management experience in predominately service based industries including recruiting.  He and his partner owned their home care agency for over a decade in the Tampa area.  Gregg is also a former Certified Senior Advisor.  

In 2016 he and his partner sold their home care agency and moved out of state.  Now his obsession is helping home care owners achieve their own revenue breakthrough, in an effort to help them create freedom in their own business.  Gregg does this by teaching other home care owners his “Rapid Referral” Training system that lays out a step by step proven sales process for gaining referrals in the senior care industry as well as his “Home Care Recruiting Framework- 4 GAPS method” program. Gregg also provides other consulting services in the home care space on topics such as organizational structure and design, establishing KPIs, recruiting systems, proven sales management, marketing strategies, and more

He has helped hundreds of clients worldwide scale their business using his sales and recruiting systems.  He has a Facebook group for Home Care Owners only with over 3,500 members called Home Care Breakthrough Solutions for Service Providers. 

Feel free to reach out to Gregg at [email protected] or check out his web site at www.homecarebreakthrough.com

Join FREE Facebook Group HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/331413090621386

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