100% Success Is Failure

digital champions Mar 25, 2021

ME: "100% Success Is Failure"
YOU: "That can't be true."
ME: "Let me PROVE it to you."

Watch the video as I show you how and why 100% success is failure.

Video Transcript

Done is better than perfect.

If we want to be able to grow in our businesses, this is essential. This is not just in video marketing - this is in every single thing that we do! Every single thing that we do in our business, we can not worry about being perfect.

There's a great quote I heard from Jim Fortin, who I think heard it from Albert Einstein or something and he says, "100% of perfection is failure and 70% is success".

This is what we want to aim for. Yeah, we've been taught that you should always do your best and you want to succeed and you should try and get 100%, but this is not how entrepreneurs succeed.

We cannot worry about things being perfect. It's never gonna be perfect and our time is way too valuable to be spending trying to make things perfect.

When it comes to video marketing, especially, it is so critical that we are okay with just being like, yep, that was good. I fumbled on my words, whoops. I took too long to write something, whoops.

All right, we can't worry about these things that we notice. Yes, I noticed it. No, I didn't change anything because it doesn't matter. The point is that you're getting the message, the point is that people are getting it. And so if you want to be successful, which we all want to do and we want to grow and we want to scale in our businesses, we need to make sure that 70% is our goal of things being done.

So when we're doing something, we're creating a social media post, we're creating a video, we're doing something in our business, ask yourself, is this 70% done? And if it is, then you're good to go, move on.

Grant Cardone, love him or hate him, one of the things that he did when he released his book "10X", there was tons of spelling errors in the first edition that he put out, but he didn't care, he just made it happen.

You just move forward, you create things and you just go, go, go, go, go and you make it happen.

We cannot waste time on this idea of perfectionism because it is not a realistic thing and it's not something we can actually achieve. So the reason why one, I can get video content done so quickly is because I'm not worried about sounding perfect, I'm not worrying about it being, "Oh, my gosh, but I said this". Gosh, stop taking so much time.

We need to move through our business, make the things 70% and you are good to go.

That is how we get true success!

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