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4 Things To Stop Doing On Facebook To Attract Caregivers

Jan 16, 2024

Please stop doing this...

When it comes to marketing home care businesses on Facebook, we see a lot of agencies making some big mistakes specifically when it comes to attracting caregivers.

Let's talk about the top 4 so you can avoid them!

In the realm of home care, leveraging social media platforms like Facebook can be a game-changer when it comes to attracting caregivers. There's no doubt about that. However, there are certain practices that can harm your Facebook page rather than help it.

Hi, my name is Nick Bonitatibus, and in today's episode of Home Care Digital, we'll explore four things you should stop doing on your Facebook page to ensure it becomes a magnet for caregivers.

1. Stop the Constant "We're Hiring" Posts

One common mistake businesses make is flooding their Facebook page with repetitive "We're hiring" posts. While it's natural to want to broadcast your need for caregivers, the algorithm may be working against you. Facebook primarily shows your content to people already following your page, likely those who know you. Random caregivers stumbling upon your page and deciding to follow are rare.

The repetitive nature of these posts, often accompanied by generic stock images, can make your page appear spammy. Users quickly scroll past, signaling to the algorithm that your content isn't engaging. Instead, let's explore what kind of content will yield better results.

2. Avoid Sharing Job Ads Directly

Sharing job ads directly from platforms like Indeed or MyCNA Jobs may seem like a quick solution, but it comes at a cost. Each click on the shared link resulting in an application means you're paying for that applicant. Facebook dislikes external links, and sharing them can negatively impact your page's reach.

If you need to advertise specific shifts, consider creating individual posts for each one. Share these posts in caregiver community groups rather than on your business page. Also, take advantage of videos to showcase available shifts, making the content more engaging and less transactional.

3. Say No to Stock Photos

Using stock photos in your social media posts can make your content feel impersonal and sales-oriented. Instead of resorting to generic images, share real photos of your team engaging in community events or during caregiver training. Authenticity is key on social media, and caregivers are more likely to connect with real, unedited content.

Avoid adding logos or unnecessary branding to these photos. Let the rawness of the images speak for themselves. Showcasing caregiver appreciation events and training sessions can go a long way in creating a genuine connection with your audience.

4. Don't Neglect Your Social Media

Outsourcing social media management might seem convenient, but it often results in bland, generic content. Even if you're posting infrequently, it's better to share authentic, personalized content than relying on automated, stock posts. Documenting and sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your caregiving activities can significantly enhance your social media presence.

Caregivers do pay attention to social media. It's a window into your company culture. Make your social media an asset by showcasing the real you. One impactful, personalized post per week is more valuable than three uninspiring stock photos.


In conclusion, attracting caregivers on Facebook requires a strategic approach. By avoiding these four common pitfalls, you can transform your social media presence into a powerful recruitment tool. Showcase authenticity, engage with your audience, and let your Facebook page reflect the vibrant culture of your home care business.

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