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4 Ways To Use Video To Retain Caregivers

Aug 04, 2021

It's hard enough to recruit caregivers, but it can be just as important to keep them. On today's episode of Digital Champions, I discuss 4 Ways To Use Video To Retain Caregivers.

1. Company Culture/Values

The first one is really making sure that these caregivers when they come into work for you that they understand your company culture. Create a positive culture and positive values and have them get behind your why.  Share why you started your business and address your core values.

In your onboarding process, have them watch these videos. You may even consider doing it right after they apply.

Understand that culture and values is what's going to get people to stay with you and want to continue to work for you, so it's important to establish this upfront in the beginning.

2. Training

A lot of companies offer training that they're required from the state where caregivers earn certain certifications, CPE credits, etc.

However you can create video content that you can do as additional training based on things that you know. As an entrepreneur, you have had your owned journey and learned what it takes to be successful. You can pass this along to your team so they can better perform in their jobs.

An example of this was discussed during a Lead Machine Academy group call, when one of my students mentioned that she is a certified yoga instructor and does breath work.

She has an amazing skill set and knowledge that she can actually pass on to her caregivers, that is very valuable. Yoga and breathe work are both credited with decreasing stress.

To be able to reduce stress is a beautiful and an amazing thing that your organization could offer. Skills and techniques like this can create a lasting impression, because that's something that they can implement on a daily basis to change their lives not only in the work environment.

3. Recognition

Doing things to recognize your caregivers for doing amazing things is a great opportunity for you to highlight them for the work that they've done. An example of this could be caregiver of the month or simply employee of the month so you can recognize office staff members as well. 

This can also be used in your social media marketing effort. The caregivers are happy when they receive the recognition. Clients/prospects are happy when they see real people within your organization. 

Side Note: You can also tag you caregiver on social media which results in their friends seeing it which will increase your exposure and reach. Hopefully they are willing to share the video which will result in an increased reach as well. 

You can see how something like employee of the month has multiple benefits and is fairly easy to implement. 

4. Appreciation

This one is my favorite because this from my experience has the greatest impact. One of the most valuable things that you can do to leverage video with your caregivers for retention is every time that they do something that is worth appreciation send them a personalized video message. In the video include how amazing they are and how much you appreciate their good work. Be sure to say their name! The personalization is what creates the impact!

It speaks volumes to them and improves retention in the process. People/businesses don't do this and so you will stand out from other organizations which results in them wanting to stick around.

You can also send personalized video message when it is someones birthday. Wish them a happy birthday and tell them how much you appreciate them. 

You can also do this with friends, family, clients, and referral partners. 

I do this often and the response is always amazing. They are so grateful that I was willing to take 1 min out of my day and film a quick video to send to them. Most people do a text, email, or Facebook post, but you will be different. That is what makes you stand out!

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