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5 Things You Need To Get Started With Video Marketing

Jul 10, 2019

It starts with your phone. You may be thinking, Nick, of course, I know my phone does video. My 100-year grandmother knows how to film video her phone. True.

Yet, there are thousands of businesses that don’t have video. Businesses that are more established would rather spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional to create one video. If you saw my video from last week, you know one video isn’t enough! To have a professional create multiple videos will really rack up the price tag.

So what do you need to get started?

  1. Phone: Smartphone cameras are truly amazing and a perfect place to start
  2. Tripod: Holding your phone can be a struggle, especially depending on the length of your video. If you try to position it on a table or something of that sort, you tend to get a weird angle. A tripod allows you to create a quality shot and ads that little upgrade to production value. Plus you can get a tripod on Amazon for around $15 which is a very cheap investment. (Click here for resources)
  3. Microphone: Sound quality can make a huge difference in your videos and truly help you stand out from the crowd. Making sure people can hear you well can make all the difference!
  4. Lighting: Is one of the most difficult aspects of the film process. To simplify it, focus on a well-lit area with natural daylight and it shines from behind the lens. The other option is purchasing a light, but I will get into that in another episode. The main thing is that people can see you. You don’t want it to be too dark.
  5. Set: Set the scene! What do you want your background to be? Green screen is going to require a lot more work. When you are just getting started, I recommend a blank wall. You do not want to have anything in the background that may distract the viewer.

BONUS TIP: Energy: Video has the tendency to deplete our energy on screen, so you want to be over energized. 


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