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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Apr 24, 2021

Imposter Syndrome - A well known syndrome for many entrepreneurs.

A syndrome which stops people from sharing their message.
A syndrome which makes people lose faith in themselves and their goals.
A syndrome which I am going to talk about in this video!

Let me show you the ropes on how to deal with Imposter Syndrome.

Video Transcript:

Imposter syndrome, we all have it, it's just part of the journey. This is the thing that we need to know when it comes to imposter syndrome.

This can be even if just in your business in general, in your business of the things that you feel that you cannot do, it is a lie. The thing that you are told that little voice inside your head that's telling you why you can't do something is a lie.

It is that level of comfortability that's trying to keep you stuck, is trying to keep you comfortable. The thing is that every successful person ever has had imposter syndrome. You are not unique in this feeling.

The difference is the most successful people are just willing to do it anyway. They're willing to do it and not worry about the judgment that may come because at the end of the day, it's not imposter syndrome, you're just covering it up with worrying about being judged. And we got to get rid of that feeling 'cause what's worse, the pain of being judged or the pain of not being your best self and not doing everything you can to make your businesses succeed.

This is the most important thing that we can do is step into our greatness and be the best version of ourselves. But it starts with stepping into the light, it starts with doing things that other people aren't willing to do.

So if there's people that you know that are saying, oh, well, I don't wanna show up live. And these are unsuccessful people. Look at what the successful people are doing. They are showing up, if you do the opposite of what unsuccessful people are doing then you're going to succeed.

So if you know that there's people, oh, I don't wanna do video. Well then you know, all right, well, if that person is not successful and they don't wanna do video, then I should do video.

Do you see how this can help?

Do you see that your imposter syndrome is no different?

Understand that every successful person ever is not special. They're not special, they're just normal. I'm no different than you. We are not special, you are not special and that is great because when you understand that the people that are doing the things that you wanna do are no different than you then you have no reason why you can't step into your greatness and make it happen, stand out, step into your greatness.

Let's go out there, make 2021 your best year ever, step into the best version of yourself.

Do the things that other people aren't willing to do and you will have an amazing, incredible year.

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