Caregiver Recruitment: How To Increase Caregiver Interview Show Up Rate

Not again! You spent all that time, energy and money to recruit get applications, but then they don't show up for the interview.

Aside from calling out a search party, here are a few things you can do...

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How can you increase caregiver recruitment? As well as, increase that show-up rate for interviews?

In the recruitment process, we are getting applications, but then they're not showing up for the interview. So what are some things that we can do to increase that show-up rate?

What The Process?

When they apply, what's the process after they apply? Hopefully, all right, you're contacting them ASAP, getting on that phone, making a call, making it happen, reaching out to them as soon as possible.

Is It Automated?

You and your team's time is valuable, so we want to create automated systems.

What can we send them that gets them excited to join? Excited to show up for the interview?

Getting them to apply is just the first step in the process. It's time to take a look at each step and what areas could be improved. 

They've applied, you've called them, we need to convince them that we're the best company to work with. 

These personal touches can go a long way. So what's something that you could do?

Send A Video

One thing you can do is send them a video about how excited you are that they're gonna be showing up for your interview and potentially becoming a part of your team. This can be a generic video or it can be personalized where you actually use the applicants name in the video. 

We still, often, I see this, where people still feel like, " Oh, well is this caregiver gonna be good enough to join my team?" If that's you thought, you have already lost. 

Yes, it's important that you hire great people and some companies have a high standard than other, but it's important that we keep an open mind. 

All candidates have the potential to become great employees under the right guidance and leadership. 

Personalized Video

Sending a personalized message takes more time, but it is going to increase your show up rate.

How many of the other places that they applied send a video, let alone a personalized video.

They're going to feel that you really want them and its going to have an impactful result.

Now I understand that this may be a lot depending on how much time you have, however, we make time for the things that are important.

Instead of spending more time trying to recruit, watch what can happen when you give more attention to the ones who have already applied. 

If you have a recruiter or if you're doing it yourself, this can be time-consuming. So the other thing is, is setting up an automated system, where once they apply, you're sending them videos about you and your organization.

Automated Videos

Your story is one of the most powerful things that you can share.

Why did you start your business? What get's you out of bed in the morning? 

This is gonna connect with the caregivers, well before they even show up for the interview.

And you and I both know that even when they do show up for the interview, and you say yes to hiring them, that does not mean they will complete all their paperwork and start working shifts. 

We can create systems that really get people on board, with your story, with your core values, right upfront, right away, get them used to seeing you before the interview.

They may be nervous about coming to the interview, but now they're seeing your face in this video that you're sharing. Now they feel like they know you a little bit more.

There's a huge gap from the application process to the hiring process. There's still so much that goes on in here in this window that we need to make sure we're doing the little things that are gonna make that impact.

If we're having 20 people that apply and one shows up for the interview, that's a huge problem. And so the more things that we can try and do to increase the show-up rate, that's going overall increase the amount of people that we're hiring.

So many businesses are focused on, "How can I get more applications?, but we need to look at the whole process.

Its the little things that increase conversions (applications into employees).

The more that we can do in this middle space, sending videos, sharing your story, sharing caregiver videos that talk about how awesome your company is and that they love working for you, well before they even show up for the interview.

Let's get applicants excited to show up for the interview! When they are excited and see all the amazing benefits of you verse other companies - they will show up!


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