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Changing Your Marketing Mindset For Those Who Don't Like Marketing

Dec 11, 2023

Don’t like marketing?

Do you find yourself wanting to hide in all the operations of your home care business because you don't want to get out there? 

You say things like, “I hate marketing!”

Hi, my name's Nick Bonitatibus and today on Home Care Digital, we're going to be talking about how we can shift your marketing mindset so that you can get out there and discover how important marketing is.

It’s time to stop hiding in our office…

#1 Be a resource

Often we think of marketing as “sales” only. And most of us don’t want to be salesy, right? All these things related to selling seem to make people hate what they should be doing.

But, we have to think about it more as a resource.

Do you believe that what you offer can help people? Do you believe that regardless of whether or not they go with your services, you still can share value with them?

If you think about marketing as just being a resource for people, being out there to support them, and that you're going to go above and beyond to support people, it comes off totally different. 

It’s important to show how interested and confident you are with what you offer. The energy that you present to your target market matters. If you’ll be doing marketing and you don’t like marketing, people are going to notice that.

Be a resource and think about how you can help other people instead of just going out to get what you need. Such an approach can help you.

In this business, the main goal is to help people, right?

So, go out there and share your knowledge. Help people talk about how you can solve their problems and that starts with better understanding their problems and being that resource.

#2 Collaborate with friends

Number two is The next one is to collaborate with your friends. 

Business is so much more fun when you work and collaborate with people that you actually like, people that you spend time with, that you want to go golfing with and you want to go to dinner with, all of those things become really fun. 

And so if you don't have those people, then find your tribe. You've got to get out there and just try and connect with as many people.

And so you find those people that you really mesh with and then it becomes worth it because look, some people are like, yeah, like I like them. And they're good, but you know, just don't really click. 

Finding those people can also make you find referral partners, such as, hospice marketers or home health companies, right?  You’re able to then go out and market with them.You will discover that it just feels like another day hanging out with your friends in different places - drink some coffee, enjoying yourself, and having good conversations. All these can totally change the environment and how you approach marketing.

The more that you collaborate, the more that you do it with people that you actually like and enjoy spending time with. This becomes easier and more fun way of marketing.

#3 Have fun

Have fun in we are just stressed out and overwhelmed. Atop thinking that marketing is no fun.

We have to shift in how we try and see marketing. Learn how to be fun and enjoy marketing. 

There are some things I do in my personal life.Like when I go around, I always think of ways on how can I be more fun? How can I joke around with the barista? How can I just be more playful and fun? Because you know, you just attract more people and it's also just more enjoyable for you also to just go about life in a more fun and playful way.

In a quote by Albert Einstein,there’s something mentioned along the lines, that goes like, “we don't stop playing because we get old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

Be more playful and fun. For instance, how can you make marketing fun if it's Halloween? Dress up!

How about inThanksgiving? Wear a turkey outfit!

Keep in mind that marketing is attention. That’s why you need to stop feeling uncomfortable doing marketing. Remember: you are a business owner. You’re a marketer. You need to gain attention.

This is the reason why social media and video are so impactful because they help us to get more people to know us. And so doing things like dressing up or having fun are going to attract more people, get people to know you, and just by putting on the outfit, people are more likely to come up and start conversations with you.

So if you're a little resistant, sometimes you're like, what do I say? How do I start? When you do something that's a little bit more goofy, People are more likely to come up and approach you because you've now established, Hey, I'm fun, I'm cool, Look at me, I'm dressing up, I'm just out here.

Most of the time people are worried about being embarrassed. You may also feel a little resistant or don’t know how to start. 

But once you overcome that, everything will be lighter. Everything will be easier. 

And so if this is resonating with you, if you've ever read the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** by Mark Manson, know the title is a little aggressive, but it is really a powerful book.

If you are worried about things and what people think about you, that bookan make a huge impact on you, just like with me and my brother.  

Those are the things that can help you get out of your comfort zone and start enjoying marketing. 

I want you to love marketing, but it starts with shifting that mindset, doing a few of these things, hanging out with your friends, right, being a resource, having some fun.

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