D.A.D. Will Help You Scale

digital champions Mar 02, 2021
Want to know how D.A.D will help you scale your business?
Watch and learn!

Video Transcript

D.A.D is gonna help you scale. What do I mean?

D-A-D stands for...

  • Delete
  • Automate
  • Delegate

These Three things are essential for you to be able to scale your business.


We need to take an opportunity on a regular consistent basis to look at the things that we are doing in our business. Is this something that we can delete, automate or delegate? It's the only way to scale.

We need to ask if there are thing in business that we should you be doing?

All right, so the first thing is, is to determine if that task is actually effective?

Is it actually something that is important for the growth of your business?

If it is, then we gotta move on to the next thing we're not gonna delete it.

Is it something that we can automate?


How can we create more things in our business that are automated because that's gonna free up our time, when we free up our time, it allows us to focus on the most important responsibilities of our business which in turn is going to help us scale.

So is it something that we can automate? It could be something little, one of the best tools that I use for automation when scheduling appointments with people is Calendly.

Calendly is a scheduling tool that makes things super easy you get rid of that whole back and forth trying to schedule an appointment with somebody. Oh my gosh, it can be so time consuming. You have this back and forth thing, they answer you, then three hours later, they're trying to answer you two days go by, you still haven't booked an appointment yet.

I use this all the time for scheduling consultations, for scheduling coaching sessions and for scheduling my podcast episodes with guests. It makes things super easy and what's beautiful about Calendly is that I have it connected to my Google Calendar (which you should also be using a Google Calendar because then you don't miss appointments), it makes it happen but it's automated.

It automatically sends the contact, and email with the information and it's connected with Zoom. So now they're getting a Zoom link. So all they have to do is click the link in their calendar, click the Zoom link that gets the email automated emails that are going to them to remind them about our appointment.

And with Calendly you can even set text reminders if you wanna put that into to make sure that people are showing up for your calls. So this is a great tool if you're not using that highly recommend automating your business.


Now the next step and this is probably one of the most important processes if you want to scale, we need to be willing to delegate tasks. You cannot scale your business doing it alone. We all want to scale right?

We want to succeed and we also don't wanna be working all the time. So we need to make sure that we are delegating tasks to other people.

This does not mean that you have to hire somebody full time. You can get started with hiring a personal assistant for five hours a week at $6 an hour. Yes, can you believe that? What could you do with an extra five hours a week? Huh? Is that worth $30 to you?

Let's be real people.

How can we create things in our business and make it easier by delegating that task so that we don't have to do it?

At the end of the day, these three things are gonna make it so that we are spending the most time in our zone of genius so that we can get the best result possible. When we are focusing on revenue generating activities as the business owner, we need to have the vision and be focusing on this.

So if we're spending five hours editing videos that is not moving the bottom line because somebody else can do it. Think about tasks that only you can do and then delegate the rest. Simple as that!

Add D.A.D to your business so that you can scale.

One more thing if you liked this content and you wanna learn how you can generate leads consistently, like I do in my business using video, check out my free training.

All you gotta do is go to www.thedigitalchamps.com/video.

I will see you there!


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