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Frequently Asked Questions

Jul 22, 2020

I hear you and I am here for you! In today's episode of Digital Champions, I discuss some of the frequently asked questions that I hear time and time again.


1. How often should you post your videos?

The short answer is, consistently.

Yes, whatever that number may be for you. Now the general recommended amount is once a week, but I understand that that can be a lot.

It's a lot of content to create, a lot of videos to put out, and it's more important that you're doing it consistently based on your availability and your time. So a good place to start is posting once every two weeks.

Now if you need to do it once every month, you can but I believe that once every two weeks is a good place to start. And then as you kind of get better at filming as you start to see the results that come from creating videos, then you can start to create more content and do it once every week.

But again, you'll get there, it takes time to get to that level where you're putting it out. It's more important that you have that consistency, consistency, consistency, where people are seeing you on a regular basis, that is by far the most important thing.

You may have heard me say this before 'cause I say it often, and that's a big thing that happens as people get started and they try and do too much at one time, and then they end up falling off and then they don't have any content.

So it's better to just plan at a time that you believe that you can get out the content consistently. Then to try and do it once a week, feel overwhelmed, oh my gosh, this is too crazy, this is too much, I can't do this anymore, and then you stop.

So, again, be smart, know yourself, know how much you can achieve, how much time it's gonna take. Again, getting started is the key because once you get started you'll get better at it, you'll be able to create more content consistently, so it's better to start less and then add more as you progress.


2. What is the best time to post on social media?

I get this question all the time. The short answer is, look at your Facebook insights and your analytics. You can actually determine what point people are watching and engaging with your content throughout the day.

What I have found for myself is that more people are watching around breakfast time like early like 8.30 ish, then there's a spike at lunch time then it goes back down, and then it spikes up after five o'clock, people are getting done work. But understanding the analytics and looking at it that it varies based on the day that you're posting.

So, in order to determine the best time, you have to just start posting to get the feedback of what's going to work. Now the other answer to that is, running as on your post because then it's gonna guarantee or more likely that your audience is going to see your content, because based on the algorithms, you don't actually know if they're going to see it, even if they are following your page.

So the time may not even matter. So again it's really important to understand these different concepts but it's a good thing to understand what the most common times are based on your audience, and that's why looking at the analytics will always be your best strategy.


3. How long should your videos be?

Such an interesting question, as if length should have anything to do with the content that you're making. If I said that your video should be 10 minutes, are you just gonna drag on and on, bla bla bla bla bla just to make it 10 minutes?

I really hate this question because it doesn't actually help you at all. You don't wanna be creating your content based on the length of your videos. You can't do it, you wanna focus on the content first and go from there.

Now, that being said, I still recommend that you have a video that's from three to five minutes. That seemed to be a good range on most of the platforms, if you go over that it's a little bit much and people's attention spans are poor.

So, this is a good strategy to start from three to five minutes, but the reason why I said that point previously is that you don't wanna make the content at three to five minutes just because you're trying to make it to the three to five-minute mark.

You wanna make sure that you're focusing on the content first, and that it's full of content and things that are going to help people, and not worry so much about how long the video is, all right? Do we understand?

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