How To Get Started With Instagram Reels

digital champions Mar 03, 2021

I got 11,000 views with only 1k followers without ads or hashtags. How?

Instagram Reels. Watch this video to learn more about how to get started too!

Video Transcript

I'm absolutely loving Instagram Reels and here's one of the reasons why you should be getting started with it as well.

Right now it is still the new thing, it's the cool thing to do because it's new on Instagram and they always reward their new features that they have to get more organic reach.

They want you to use the new things that they're creating. And for my example, the videos that I've created, I've been able to create reels that have gotten triple the amount of views compared to the number of followers that I have on my Instagram account.

So just from creating reels, 30-second videos, we can reach such a greater audience and get more exposure and reach more people to bring people to our channel and follow us.

This is a huge opportunity that you want to jump on and get started with creating some fun and engaging reels.

So how can we get started?

1. Record Vertically

Oh, I know, I've done so many videos where I talk about filming horizontal, but for reels, specifically, it is definitely best to do it vertically and you're gonna be filming on your phone anyway, so it just makes it simple, easy to pull your phone out and make some quick reels and have fun with it.

2. Tell A Story 

We're creating short little clips that together create a full-length story. So all you gotta do is create some different ways, create some different tips, could be five tips, and then you break up each tip with a different clip. Then you can easily just boom, boom, boom, put them all together.

Film one, film two, film three, film four, film five, put it all together. As a bonus, maybe throw some music on it, boom, you got a reel talking about content that's specific for your business that's gonna get the reach to the audience that you would want to watch your content.

Huge opportunity - make sure that we are doing this.

3. Repurpose 

This is kind of a side note, but what we can do is we can actually repurpose content that we may already have. Creating clips of content that we've created, putting it together and making it into a 30-second clip.

I'm all about working smarter, not harder, and this is a great way to potentially take past videos that we've already done, recirculate them and get the organic reach that we are looking for.

So you can just take the video, you crop it down to the most important thing and you could even have something at the end, "Hey, check out the full video here."

So really cool techniques that you can do but I highly recommend that you get started. Instagram is a huge platform, it's not going anywhere, and it can be a huge tool.

This is a great opportunity, but the most important thing when it comes to reels having fun with it.

The one thing that I've noticed that stands out from what works and what doesn't are the people that are creative, people that are having fun with it. If you're just getting on there, and you're like, boom, boom, boom, boom, which I see people do, that's not as fun, it's not as engaging. Yes, does it work? Cool, but let's be real.

The more that you can have fun, the more that you can be creative, the more that you're going stand out and get that reach that you wanna get.

One more thing, if you like this video and you wanna learn how you can generate leads consistently like I do in my business using video, check out my free training, all you gotta do is go to


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