Holiday Videos To Create For Home Care

Ho, Ho, Ho! With Christmas is coming up we're going to talk about some great holiday themed videos for you to make for your home care business.


1. Senior Gifts

What a great idea to think about different gifts that you can get for your senior loved one. And what's really unique about this is you can add a lot of value to educating your audience about the benefits of things that you're buying for your loved one.

For example, one of the things that we got from my grandmother is a Facebook Portal. What's really cool about the Facebook Portal is that it connects with Facebook. So it makes it really easy to use. But what it does is basically creates a video chat that makes it easy for us to stay connected with her.

She lives in Arizona, I live in San Diego, and the a big chunk of the rest of my family is in the Philadelphia area. It makes it really easy for us to do video chat, which is great because if you've actually done the studies that depression is very common among seniors during the holidays.

Depression can often lead to suicide. Technology to keep our senior loved ones engaged can help with those tough feelings. Utilizing a tool like Facebook Portal to really stay connected with your loved ones is pretty amazing.


2. Senior Care

There's a great little pitch that you can do. This is a great opportunity to discuss the benefits of having senior care in your loved one's life going into the new year.

Those that may already have care, you can use this opportunity to discuss the benefits of having a caregiver with you and your loved one during the holiday.  The biggest one being more time enjoying their loved ones company rather than caring for them.


3. Holiday Hours

This is a great opportunity to say "Hey, we're open during Christmas. If you need to call us, you know, we're 24/7." Letting your community know that you are here if you need them.


4. Upcoming Events

There's a lot of different events that go on during this time of year. From staff parties as well as community service events. Let your audience know how you're helping. One example may be Toys for Tots. 


In Closing...

I hope you have an amazing rest of your December and a great holiday coming up. Christmas is my favorite holiday. If you're Jewish or you celebrate any other holidays, I hope you have amazing holiday and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

I'm really excited to be able to spend it with family and grateful for that. I hope this content helps. I hope you make some great videos this holiday season, maybe put on a Santa hat or even wear a full suit. I would love to see that! That would be amazing and super engaging with your audience.

Have an amazing holiday and I'll talk to you soon.


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