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Home Care Agencies Crushing It Online: Check Them Out!!

Dec 01, 2022

What does an amazing social media presence look like?

Today, I'm talking about some superstars in home care that are absolutely crushing it online.

On this Home Care Digital’s blog post, we dive into some of my incredible Lead Machine Academy members. We’ll be discovering what they're doing and why they are thriving.

The students that I'm going to go over are part of my online community, Lead Machine Academy, which is focused on online training and coaching to help leverage video to drive results, to attract clients, referral sources and caregivers.

#1 Jonathan Marsh

The first person I want to mention is Jonathan Marsh. He's in Bradenton, Florida and he is a true student of the program in implementing, utilizing and creating amazing videos on a consistent basis. He’s just pumping it out and he's seeing the results.

You can check out his testimonial that he sent on my website.

But what's so awesome is that he's leveraging it for every particular audience.

So as you can see on the image below, this is just one example where he did a whole series on long-term care insurance, branding himself as a long-term care expert.

This becomes really impactful because that's what he's being known for.  

It can be specifically leveraged for clients.

What he's doing when he gets off the phone with someone that has questions about that, he can then send them to these videos.

And so that's where creating video content becomes so impactful because you're able to then build this library of resources that you can then send and deliver to people.

The other thing that Jonathan is doing is leveraging it in a collaborative element.

One of the quickest ways to grow your business is through collaboration, working with other people that serve the same clients as you.

He did a whole series with a chiropractor and with an elder care attorney.

He did an entire week working with five different videos and five different assisted living for assisted living week.

Amazing, right?

Being able to showcase from an educational standpoint, these videos aren't about promoting their business.

It's about them providing value to both of your audiences.

He's also crushing it and getting caregiver testimonials.

I’m always telling how important social proof is in getting these testimonials from caregivers.

And so when you can leverage this, this is going to increase your show up rate when you're sending these videos to potential applicants, or when people are coming to your recruitment page.

So here it is.

Jonathan is implementing and leveraging it to attract clients, to increase referral sources, to get more referrals, and to leverage video for caregivers.

This is a true student of the program. Absolutely crushing it.

Great job, Jonathan! Keep up the good work.


#2 Jonah

The next person I want to mention is Jonah. 

Jonah has branded himself as the dementia expert.

He's extremely passionate about speaking about dementia and really leveraging this to generate more leads.

And the thing is, he's passionate about it. So he loves making these videos.

He's dementia certified and he just loves to educate and teach.

And through that, he's been able to see direct results by branding himself as the dementia expert.

Recently, he was inducted as a board member for the Alzheimer's Association.

What's so amazing is that they actually added a board member just for him, added that board seat just for him.

So this just goes to show you what's possible.

He picked up the phone, he called me and said”

“Nick, you're not going to believe it. I just got a board seat for the Alzheimer's Association because they watch my videos. I can't make this up. I promise you!”

I almost cried that day because seeing my clients succeed and win in leveraging this brings me so much joy.

So I was so proud to see the direct results happening for him.

Do you think that being a board member of the Alzheimer's Association is going to be an incredible tool to leverage more business for him?



#3 Debbie Humphrey

The next person I want to recognize is Debbie Humphreys. She’s also in Florida, also Home Helpers like Jonathan.

I think the Home Helpers are putting something in the water because the Home Helpers crew are amazing.

And Debbie is just flying and crushing it right now with everything that she does.

She's got a ton of videos on her YouTube channel.

She leverages Facebook extremely well, where she's getting a ton of engagement and reach.

And guess what? She's not doing it all herself.

She's built a team that helps her to create and implement this.

When it comes to social media video, you don't have to do it alone. You see, it's a lot harder when you are doing it alone.

So, Debbie is crushing it right now and really leveraging all aspects of online, specifically when it comes to video and becoming an expert. She’s utilizing this, branding herself, creating this library of tools that can get results again and again and again.


#4 Cassandra

And the last person I want to shout out is Cassandra from Philadelphia.

What's so awesome about Cassandra is that it's been incredible to watch her journey.

She started with some resistance.

She knew she wanted to do video, but it took some time to really get going.

And now she is just hitting the ground running.

She's got a bunch of videos that you can see on her channel, all incredibly done.

She did a fantastic job in recording these videos and she's already seeing the results from the first video that we shared.

She reached more people she didn't even realize until I showed her.

And we looked at the stats just from LinkedIn, all the people that were now seeing her content.

And because of LinkedIn, you could actually see who these people were and what their jobs were.

You couldn't see who the people were, but you could see what their jobs were, which was really awesome.

To see just from the viewership and now going,

These people are the ones  that she wants to get in front of.

So it goes to show you what can happen when you start to leverage videos.


Final Thoughts

I'm so proud of all these students and all my students. I just wanted to recognize these few here for really crushing it and doing an amazing job.

Do you want to learn more about joining our community, leveraging video to attract clients, referral sources and caregivers?

All you have to do is go to https://www/.thedigitalchamps.com/lma

I would love to have you in the group to make these amazing videos.

Let’s continue with my mission which is to help the home care industry make a million educational videos.

To make that impact. That is my mission.

As you can see these students are helping to make my mission happen while also helping to make their mission and goals happen by growing their business and serving more seniors.

That is what this is all about.

Thanks and I hope to see you soon.



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