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Home Care Marketing Secret Weapon You NEED To Use More

Nov 02, 2022

Have you ever thought about what powerful tool you can use in your tool belt that will generate more sales and get more caregivers? Of course you have! Let's dive in. 

The number one tool to use in your tool belt is social proof. Now, social proof does not just mean reviews. It’s also important to know what you can do to get more reviews, where you can use them, and really know the fundamentals of leveraging this. 

It’s crucial to understand what we're really leveraging and showcasing transformations and experiences. It’s not just getting Google reviews to acquire more clients. 

It’s an aspect not only to get more clients, but also to get more results and referrals. In addition, it’s also about attracting more caregivers to your business.

So where can you use these reviews? 

Because a lot of times we're pushing to get more Google reviews. However, we're not actually using and leveraging them. If you're not focusing on Google reviews, you are missing a huge opportunity. It's probably one of the biggest things that you can do within your home care business right now. A lot of times people are spending thousands of dollars on SEO, and if you just get more Google views, that is gonna make the world of difference. 

Google is heavily rewarding the Google profile or Google my Business. When you can start to leverage that, it's going to create drastic results that you can leverage. But once you're getting those reviews, you need to make sure that you’re adding them to your website.

One thing that you should do is to have a Testimonial page on your website. This is where you will put every single testimonial that you will get. These include videos, screenshots, and written texts that people have submitted. Any time you get a testimonial, you should put it on there. Because when you think about how people make decisions, the quantity of reviews is so critical, right? 

If you go on Amazon, you look for those things that have the highest reviews. It creates that instant credibility. There is a great strength in numbers in how you're building that up. 

But don't just do it for Google.

Let's put on your website too so that you can then increase sales by people going to that page. They're gonna wanna see it. Don't just put 10 testimonials on there that don't speak volumes. We want them to go, “Wow, this is the company for me, and I've gotten that response!”

That page on your website should continue to get more reviews. And as you get more, put them on there so that it just becomes this incredible page that speaks for itself. 

And then the last thing is social media. What an easy way, right? It's specific simple content that you can put on social media on a consistent basis. Leveraging and utilizing that should also be a priority. If you're getting Google reviews or you're getting reviews from Home Care Pulse, use them in your social media effort.


Now, where can you use this for caregivers? That was really just the client side of things, right? This becomes really impactful in wanting to leverage and utilize this to get more caregiver applicants. You may have people coming to your website, your careers page, and not applying, right?

Not enough businesses are spending time on really creating an amazing recruitment page. 

Well, by adding testimonials from your caregivers will help increase those conversions that you're getting people opting in. It will also show the rate up because people will see that your caregivers are really happy about working there. 

So when somebody applies, you can then send them to the reviews and have them watch or read them. Or in better case, send them to a recruitment video that features caregiver testimonials. 

That's something that a lot of home care business owners are working on, leveraging and utilizing, which just speaks volumes. But even if we don't go down that video path, utilizing these testimonials can be really impactful. You can also use them for job ads. 

Utilizing Reviews in your Job Post

Your job post is where you need somebody to come and do. If you're applying for a caregiver position, you already know what the job description is. You wanna start to leverage your company culture, how you're treating your employees. 

So, utilizing testimonials in your job ads or just any ads in general that you're running become so impactful to get results. 

People love social proof. You can say that you’re the best, but it's so much more impactful when you have other people speaking about you and saying they are the best. 

So how can you get more reviews? 

Here are the things that you should do:

  1. Ask for them. As simple as that. Could it be that easy? Yes. But we have to make it easy, right? One recommended way is printing out business cards with a QR code that goes right to where you want them to write the reviews. You can do it to Google or wherever you want the reviews to be written, but we gotta make it easy. Make it simple. One click of a button, one click of a scan, go right to where we want them to be. 

  2. Give them a prompt. Ask them what you want them to say. One of the best questions that you can ask is, “What was it like before working with us and what is it like now?” That is so powerful because it showcases the transformation, right? And you can utilize that with your caregivers, you can utilize that with your clients when you can showcase a transformation. There's nothing greater from a social proof aspect that sells better than transformation. And if somebody's going through the process of before, you now are showcasing. If they can relate to the “before”, then they're gonna want the “after”. And that's where that transformation really comes into play and becomes so powerful when you're gaining reviews. 
  3. Make it personal. One of the missed opportunities here is that a lot of times if you're trying to send out mass reviews, you're not going to do very well with that process. So, it is strongly recommended that you just reach out to organizations or people individually, so that you can get a better result. People want to feel that personal touch. Also, there's usually generally a good time to reach out. For instance, it’s probably not a good idea that their loved one dies, and then the next day you're asking for a review, right? That probably wouldn't go over very well. So, you really wanna make sure that you're strategically timing this.

But this is something that you should be thinking about on a regular, consistent basis. It becomes part of your team’s daily operations. To utilize this, we need to make getting reviews a higher priority within your business. Because right now it is moving the needle. 

Final Thoughts

When you have these reviews right on Google alone, it's going to make a huge impact. But when you can use it for your recruitment pages, for your website, or for your social media, it becomes even more impactful when you are not just getting them, but also using them in a way that gets results.

So take action, make these steps, go out there, get some reviews! 


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