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Home Care Stats You Need To Know Part 1: Marketing

Aug 11, 2022

Home Care Stats You NEED To Know...

I've been studying the recent Home Care Pulse Benchmarking study and there were a few graphs that really stood out to me. Over the next 3 weeks we're going to break them down starting with one focused on marketing.

Let's dive in!

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Do you want to make better decision in your business?

Then you gotta know the numbers and so I am so excited that I just got the 13th Annual Edition of the Home Care Pulse Benchmarking study and there's so many incredible stats in here.

And over the next three weeks I'm gonna be diving into three specific graphs that we're going to go over to help you to make better decisions in your business so that you can create better results.

Part 1: Marketing


Photo from page 28.

So if you have it, you can pull it up on the benchmarking study. But what I really want to go over is each part of these sections and understanding because if you understand where these are coming from, then you can make better decisions.

The area that we're going to focus on is these top three:

  •  Clients - Past/Current and their family/loved ones (30.9%)
  •  Internet- Google Ad Words/Pay Per Click (9.1%)
  •  Caregiver/Employees (7.3%)

This is an important part to understand our marketing and where results are coming from. So if this is where the industry is coming from, and this is what's driving results, we need to better understand how we can really focus in on these areas. 

Past and Current Clients

So if we know that we're getting referrals from past clients and friends, then how can we do a better job to get more referrals from these existing people?

  1. Make It Easy

How can we make it easy for them to refer us?

Giving them business cards or something along those lines that's going to help make it easy for them to refer you. 

  1. Utilize the Power of Social Media.

Are your clients following you so that they can share your content and get engaged with you on social media?

Encourage them to follow you on your social media sites. When they are following you on social media then that allows you to stay top of mind. This can be done if you're consistently posting on social media, providing value and actually creating content that people want to see.

When they're following now, you can stay in front of them. It will be easier for them to refer you to potential clients since you’re on top of their minds. They’ll remember that you provide amazing home services. 

However, if you don’t stay top of mind, it could be challenging or even difficult to get referrals. There will be no proof of what you do or how you provide services to your clients.

So, you can see the power of social media in leveraging what you’re doing online. With the help of consistent social media interactions, you can receive ongoing referrals from your past and existing clients.

  1. Get more Testimonials

The more testimonials you can get, the more reliable you will appear to your potential clients. That’s why it is important to get more testimonials from your past and existing clients.

It can be as simple as Google reviews or feedback through email. Or, it can be more complex and get video testimonials (which is loved by most business owners). 

The more video testimonials you gain, the more impactful it can be. And that is indeed a crucial strategy for any website.

If you look at my website, I have a ton of testimonial videos on my page. There's over 20 right now and I'm adding more on a regular, consistent basis.

You see, that's the idea of strength in numbers.

If you have all these happy clients, you need to make sure that  you’re getting those testimonials in front of prospects and new clients so that they know.

They would say:

“Hey, this is a reputable company!”

“They've got all these amazing reviews.”

There’s nothing more satisfying to know that you're gaining happy clients with the service you provide. 

With today’s tough competition and fast-changing trends in our industry, a strong social proof is undeniably essential..

Internet - Google Ads, Pay Per Click

It’s important to know that when you’re doing online business, you need to run ads. And they work! Some people may be hesitant and would say they ads don’t work.

Most of the time, if the ads aren't working, then you're not doing it right. Or, you're not working with the right people.

To make sure you’ll make success with ads, you should know the RIGHT people to work with and help you. 

The beautiful thing about ads is that they are very trackable. You’ll have a more in-depth understanding of the metrics and analytics to see which element of the ads is working and which is not. 

With proper ad monitoring, you’ll will have an analysis like:

 “Hey, if I invest this amount of money, and then this amount of leads, and then this amount of leads becomes clients, then all right, this is my direct ROI.”

And that's what's amazing about ads. It can literally be a lead generating machine in just putting in money and producing leads.

Now, the other aspect of this is that you're competing with other people who are also spending advertising dollars. So, how can you outperform them?

Keep in mind that the more you pay, generally, the better you're going to do. Of course, I know everyone's on a budget, which is why I focus a lot on more organic traffic and how we're leveraging our own network.

But if you want to go down this path and you want to start learning  more about really driving this, I have some resources. All you need is to reach out to me and I'll be happy to share.

And I’ll say it again. Just in general, ads do work. If you track them, improve them, work on them, they will get results for you.

But you have to be consistent with it.


The last one that I wanted to go over here is Caregiver and employees.

Right. Again, same aspect here.

Think about it. 

  • Are we making it easy for our current employees and our caregivers to refer us?
  • How can we make it more simplified?
  • Are they following you on social media?
  • Are they sharing your content?
  • Are they doing these different aspects?

These are some things to think on how can we encourage more participation from our employees from what they're doing and how can we get them more involved?

I'll actually share this in a later episode what you're sharing on social media so that you can get your employees more involved. So stay tuned.

It's going to be a later episode, but understanding these same pieces, supporting them, reminding them, staying top of mind.

There’s a huge impact if you let them know that you’re there to help if they refer you.
And then also, what are the incentives?

How are you incentivizing your caregivers and employees when they do refer clients, right?

Because at the end of the day, everyone wants to get paid a little bit more. So having that little incentive can go a long way.

Part of marketing your business is making smart, valuable decisions. I hope what I have shared on how to do marketing better can help you leverage your business.

If you like to learn more about attracting clients, referral sources and caregivers, check out my free training at thedigitalchamps.com/social.


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