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Home Care Stats You Need To Know Part 2: Recruitment

Aug 18, 2022


Home Care Stats You NEED To Know: Part 2

Last week, we talked marketing but today's topic I know you want to hear because it is all about recruitment, but there is a catch...

This video is incomplete without part 3, but it is a must to hear!

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In one of our previous posts, Home Care Stats You Need To Know Part 1: Marketing, we’ve discussed some great information on how to make decisions for your business to get better results.

So, here’s Part 2 of the interesting stats from Home Care Pulse Benchmarking study. Let’s get started.

In this industry, you might be wondering if you need more caregivers.

Of course you do!

But in order to do that, you need to understand first where  they're coming from.

From the newest Home Care Pulse Benchmarking Report, we can find incredible stats specifically about recruiting.

It’s important to keep in mind that when you understand the data and numbers, you will know what actions are to be taken.

This is what we’re going to discuss today - not only the data, but the action to do!

Top Ten Caregiver Recruitment Sources

  1. Internet - Indeed (37.1%)
  2. Employees (12.9%)
  3. Internet - mycnajobs (8.6%)
  4. Word of Mouth (7.8%)
  5. Internet - Social Media (5.2%)
  6. Reactivation (4.3%)
  7. Internet - Your Website (3.5%)

As you can see, there are only seven on the list. These stats are actually incomplete because

recruitment is only one part of the puzzle. The other three will be discussed in Part 3, which is about Retention. So, stay tuned! 

Let’s tackle each one of these caregiver recruitment sources:


Indeed is the highest one really dominating the market right now from a recruitment standpoint. It’s a powerful platform where you can find and publish job posts.

But the thing is, when it comes to improving what you're doing on Indeed, you need to improve the copy.

Yes, you read it right. Your copy matters.

It is so important to be clear in what you're saying. If you're just using a vague job description, then you're going to get zero results.

It's like trying to sell bread without knowing the ingredients.

Of course, you have to include “caregiver” in the title. That way, people will know what the job description is, along with the job responsibilities. 

We need to be very clear and strategic about the language that we're going to use. We need to choose the right words to make sure that we're attracting the right people to find us.

It is also important to keep in mind that you’re competing with other people in Indeed, thus the 37.1% stats we see in the report.

Other home care business owners and businesses are out there using Indeed to attract caregivers.

So we got to be different, right?

We got to do something that other people aren't doing! We need to stand out, really communicate, comprehend the problems and understand that you are the solution for the problems that our caregivers are facing.

But that all comes with the language that we use - the messaging.

Is it clear? Is it easy to understand? Does it connect and convey the main goal you want to impart to the people?

Understanding that when you focus on the messaging and really think about what your copy is contributes to a successful recruitment process. It’s not good to just do the same thing over and over again, right?

Remember the famous quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

That can also be applied to recruitment.

If you're still posting job descriptions, you need to think that these are called job ads.

We need to be really smart in understanding that every word, every sentence should be smart and strategic. That will help us start getting better results online and acquire more and better applicants through Indeed.

Current Employees

The next recruitment source are your current employees, which comprise the 12.9% as per the report. This is a huge one, right?

This is where your referral program comes in. So what does it look like?

Understanding that you are incentivizing them in a way that's going to continuously get them to refer business is crucial. 

You know what’s so amazing when you do this properly and in a way that incentivizes long-term recruitment strategies?

You are going to get better caregivers from your existing caregivers. You do not need to look from somewhere else.

Because if you incentivize them from a long-term standpoint, they are going to stick around. When you’re rewarding them for the longer time they stay, you will naturally and definitely get better results.

Because employees are not just trying to get that quick bonus fee right out of the gate. They didn’t just apply, work nine days and then get paid.

We want to encourage both long-term recruitment and retention to be able to get greater results from what our current employees are doing.

Another question to ask is: Are we making it easy for our caregivers to refer us?

Are you giving them resources, tools, business cards, flyers, social media posts?

How are we making it easy for them to refer us and refer caregivers to our business?

If they really love you and really enjoy working with you, then it becomes easier to ask them to refer you. They will be motivated to do more because you can help them earn more money.

Here’s also a secret formula: One email.

You can email your care team and say, “Do you want to make more money without working more hours?”

Yes, as simple as that.

This is how.

  • Incentivize them.
  • Encourage them.

They can make additional income by becoming recruiters for you.

If you give them the tools and help them to make it easier, you're undoubtedly going to get to see

better results from your existing caregivers.

You're going to achieve better results because now you're helping them to do it, right?

So keep that on top of mind. Make sure that we're consistently reminding them of the  benefits and options, so that they continue to do it.


The next one is MYCNAJOBS.

Same thing with indeed, your copy matters when you use MyCNAJOBS.

It’s always imperative to remember that your messaging matters if you want to stand out and be different.

Again, your messaging and the words you will use have a great impact on the recruitment efforts.

Word of Mouth

The next one is word of mouth. It is very essential and has stood the test of time. 

This strategy or technique, will always be one of your best marketing strategies in everything that you do.

And so from a recruitment standpoint, word of mouth is huge.

But where does word of mouth come from? It comes from happy caregivers.

If you're not taking care of your caregivers, then they're not happy. Because of that, how can they say good words about us?

Not to mention we want to make sure that we're getting testimonials from our caregivers.  Those testimonials can be used in our ad copy and other recruiting efforts, right?

So, if we're getting testimonials from our caregivers, we can then utilize that in leveraging our marketing effort to recruit more.

Word of mouth, like social media, can be an effective tool in recruiting when utilized properly. 

What we're doing online, how we're showcasing our message, or how we're staying top of mind are all relevant.

If you're doing an amazing job, you won't have to push it too hard because they want to go on rooftops and scream how amazing you are.

But if you're not doing that amazing, then it’s time to think of what you can do to be better, right?

That’s an important question that we need to ask.

If your caregivers are not happy with you, then you need to work on ways that you can be better. 

By doing that, they can be happy and they will want to tell everyone about how much they love working for you.

Internet - Social Media

The next one is Social Media.

Like I said before, word of mouth basically is related to social media. Social platforms and the internet are a collaboration to get better results.  

The following questions are important to be asked:

  • Do your caregivers talk about you on social media?
  • Does what you share compel a positive message to join your team?
  • If a prospective client went to your social media right now, would they want to join your team?

You see, these types of aspects can really drive results.

It’s worthy of understanding that certain social media sites like Facebook can often perform well when you understand who your target audience is.

Some people may not be going to Indeed and looking for another job. But you have the opportunity to take people from other facilities like assisted living and hospitals.

To get caregivers to come work with you because of what you're offering is really a good sign.

Yes, home care is great. They only get one patient, right?

There should be some messaging that you utilize in your marketing to ask your caregivers, “Hey, are you tired of working with tons of patients?”

How would you like to just work with one?

That comes back to the messaging, how we're leveraging, and how we're utilizing it.

Remember that in social media, we have that opportunity to get in front of people that aren't necessarily seeking jobs.

This is why it's so critical that we have a consistent social media process and strategies to recruit more caregivers.

Internet (your website)

One of the most underutilized aspects of recruiting is your website. If your page is simply a form on your website with a very little copy, then it will not do a good job.

Keep in mind that we have to sell to our caregivers. That is essential.

And so your landing page, your application page, career page, whatever you want to call it, is really a sales page and what we're putting on that page is essential.

It’s important to evaluate your application page. 

  • Does your application page sell?
  • Is it enticing?
  • Does it include video?
  • Does it include social proof?
  • Is it easy to apply?

Your website should also convey the right messaging to your target audience.

  • How are we stacking?
  • Do we have testimonials?
  • Do we talk about all the
  • benefits?
  • Do we talk about the resource?
  • Do we talk about ways to grow within your organization, right?

We want our website to be flooded with tons of great, amazing content that is going to convert our potential caregivers to hit that apply button.

If you have amazing stuff on your landing page, not only are they going to you're going to increase your conversions and applications, but people are going to be more excited because you've created this amazing sales page that entices,

It gets them excited about working with you. You have to be unique and creative.

A lot of times we have these retention techniques, but we're not using the retention techniques in our recruiting.

If we're talking about different things that we do from a retention standpoint, we want to put that up front right on our application page so that they can see it.

Don't wait.

We need to showcase everything that we're doing so that we can use that in our marketing to attract more people.

Think about how you can upgrade your page to add more value. 

All these different aspects will make a great sales page so that you can start driving better results.

For the last part of this series, we’re going to focus on retention. So, make sure to stay tuned!


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