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Home Care Video Hacks When Recording Video For The First Time

Sep 08, 2022

Does this sound like you??

You go to make your first video, record it, watch it and then are not happy. Then you record it again, same result. Then a third time, same result.

I see it time and time again people struggle with recording their first video over and over again then eventually give up and never post it.

Here are some quick video hacks you can start doing to make better content when recording for the first time. 

One of the most common challenges of marketers is recording videos for the first time.  Do you ever hit that record button and then start talking and you just keep fumbling and you can't get your words out? For most beginners, this is really a struggle.

And then you're like, “I give up. I don't want to do video anymore.”

You might have tried it several times and thought it's just not working for you.

I've been there. So, I totally understand.

I know that sometimes it can be hard when you're first getting started with videos.

But when we understand the different techniques that can help us when getting started with video, then we're going to undoubtedly get better results.

We're going to like what's coming out.

We're going to enjoy the content that we're creating.

And so it's going to be able to get that finished product and really use the benefits of social media.

But if we can't get the words out and we can't get the sentences moving, then that's how it becomes a challenge.

Video Hacks When Recording Home Care Video for the First Time

In today's episode of Home Care Digital, we're going to talk about some video hacks that you can start to do so that you can make that recording for the first time a little easier.


1. Speak to a 5-year old.

I recently was watching this TedTalk that my Spanish coach sent to me. (Yes, I hired a coach to learn Spanish).

What was so amazing about this particular video was that she talks about how communication is so essential.

She talked about how there's one doctor who kept trying to explain something in a very complex manner and people just weren't understanding, versus the doctor that's just saying something in layman's terms.

So, what's more important there?

To sound smart? Or to give your patient the right tools and the right resources to get action and desired outcomes?

See where this is going.

The same thing goes for when you're creating video content.

You want to speak as if you're speaking to a five-year old.

Let’s admit it. 

We love to be like, “oh, I'm so smart.”

“Look at me and look at all these big fancy words that I'm using.”

“This is home care. I need to sound medical.”

“I need to sound really smart so people see I am an expert." 

All not true. These beliefs are actually hurting you and preventing you from creating really great videos that get results. You want to sound clear so that people actually understand what you're saying.

If you focus on creating content for a five year old, it's going to help you to better in showing up on camera. This is because you're not trying to use words that you're not used to using. You're just focused on creating a very clear and concise message for your audience.


2. Be conversational. 

The other aspect is being conversational. A lot of times we see the camera, the lens is shining on us, and we just think to ourselves:

“Oh, my gosh, it's looking at me!”

“It's staring at me.”

 It's just a camera. It's not going to hurt you, okay? You're going to be alright.

 Try and imagine there's a human behind this lens and it's not a scary camera. Just be conversational that there's another person.

Because, believe me…

You have conversations about home care, about the industry every single day.

We just need to see and picture a person through that camera who we're talking to. We just need to focus on having a conversation with your ideal target audience. 

That's going to help make your videos much easier.

When you just think about that other person that's seeing your content on the other side.


3. Be Present

I get it. Sometimes you may feel like you sound terrible. And then you start thinking about what you're saying, and then wonder what you just said. Then you mess up because now you've lost your train of thought. 

You just thought about what you said instead of just being present in the current moment and focusing on what you're saying next.

So try not to think so much about what we're saying. You don't do that when you talk to a person inquiring about services so don't do it while recording. 

 At the end of the day, it's about making sure that they understand your message. Focus on delivering the message and not so much worrying about every single word that you're saying and how you say it.


4. Get your videos edited.

This is often seen with a lot of marketers. They're struggling to get their videos because they're trying to film it all in one take. Well, a video is really hard to do all in one take. It took me years to film my videos in one take and still don't always do it. 

If you think the videos that you've been watching are all in one take, that’s not always the case.  I'm not doing it in one take. Sometimes I can, but a lot of times I mess up too, but you don't even notice because the videos are being edited.

So if we do this, then we can break our content up into easy recording sessions.

First you record the intro. Then you record part one of the video, part two of the video, and so on.

That way you're not trying to go back and record all in one take and then realize you messed up in the end.

Think about that. If you got three quarters of the video done, and then you mess up the end. You will then go back and re-record when you already recorded it. How does that make any sense. You are wasting so much time! 

So if you're getting your videos edited, it's going to save you so much time. You will also get better results. 

You're going to get better videos at the end of the day because you have them edited.

It makes filming easier. And once you understand the editing process, it makes recording even easier.

It starts with making sure that you're prioritizing editing being done. You can do it in your house or outsource it to an organization or a company that will help you to get those videos edited.

It's amazing what you can do, especially when you're getting started. You can turn a rough, raw version of your content into something polished and amazing that you're happy and excited to share.


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