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How Often To Post On Social Media?

Mar 24, 2022

As a home care business owner you are told to post to social media but what often happens is you start making a bunch of posts and then don't post for a months. Let's dive into how often you should post.


The first thing is consistency!

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

That is the most important thing is that you are consistent. Often I see many homecare
businesses owners that don't have a plan, don't have a strategy, and are just sporadically posting.

It is essential that you are doing it in a regular basis!

We want to avoid posting five days in a row and then not posting for in three months.

That's not gonna work!

We need to remain consistent, so less is more. I would rather you actually create less content and do it consistently rather than trying to do too much and not being able to do it consistently.



I know that recruitment is a huge part but I see many owners who are damaging their social media because they are just flooding the feed with post after post about job opportunities. 

The post is not relative to you client prospect audience. 

Home care is extremely unique because you are marketing to both clients, referral sources, and caregivers

So we don't just flood it with we're hiring. People are gonna start
not looking at your content and not engaging with your content
they're eventually not even going to see it. 

So this is a huge mistake that we want make sure that we avoid.

So when it comes to creating content we wanna focus on quality over quantity.


How often should you post to social media?

Focus more on creating quality content than worrying so much about the number of post that you are doing.

Because one really good post thats maybe a video can do much better than having five posts that are bland, lame, and not quality content.

So the more that you focus on creating quality content and start worrying about the numbers game - you are going to see better results.

Now that being said I do recommend that your posting content daily or five to seven times a week.

Again, consistency is the most important thing!

How do we do that?

We plan!

We plan!

We plan!

We got to have a strategy and we have to have a plan! This is essential for creating a plan on social media.

Let's review

  • Be consistent
  • Quality over quantity
  • Post daily and create a plan

Actually knowing what to post and how to post - there's so many different aspects of this and I answer this question in my brand new free training: Social Media Success

If you wanna learn on how to get more results on social media, be able to create a plan
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