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How To Be Great On Camera

Sep 01, 2020

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm talking about how to be great on camera.

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Such a question that I get asked so often. Nick, how are you so good on camera?

Well, for one, I've done this a lot, a lot more than you may even realize. It is all about practice. 

Yes, practice is what makes you better on camera. It's not some magic trick that you can all of a sudden be amazing on camera.

It comes from continuously doing it. I wanna share this quick quote with you, alright? It's from Jim Edwards, and he says,

"The only way to be great is to first be good, the only way to be good is to first be bad, and the only way to be bad is first to try."

This is so powerful in understanding that if you want to get better at being on camera and wanna get better at filming and being on present, then we need to do it, we need to practice it.

We need to put it out there, get that exposure. That's the only way we're gonna be able to grow and learn. Now I want this to be very clear, okay? I have been where you have been. I have a video that I did around 2015 when I was still working at the company Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. I was volunteered to film a video that we could use to save my boss at the time, you know, some time where he didn't have to create content, one more video, and I thought it would be good exposure for me.

So I set up the camera in the side office, in the studio and I started to get ready. Keep in mind, this is one video that I had to film. One video, it took me roughly like three hours to film this one video that came out to around seven minutes, okay? It was so bad that I actually had to incorporate clips of me speaking at the event that happened a few months prior, just so that it actually flowed together.

I could barely get a sentence off without messing up, without making a mistake. So I understand that you may be feeling this way. You may be like, why can't I get this? Why can't I figure this out? How come other people are better at video? It takes time, it takes practice, but we need to be bad.

At the end of the day, that video got published. I made it work with some editing magic, which is a bonus tip of why you should be spending time having someone edit your videos, 'cause they can work some video magic as I did.

Yes, I'm willing to share this video that I did back in the day to see where I started from and really was my first video. Here it is... 

But this is such an important lesson to understand, that if you want get better, you just have to do it, and you have to be okay with being seen being bad. It's okay, the beauty of it is people will get to see you get better, and that level of growth is so much greater than you realize.

Showing how much better you're getting, people watching your personal growth, watching you grow, watching you get better on camera has its own level of marketing power that you can't put a dollar amount on.

Get started, get out there, start being bad so that you can be great. If you like this video, you are gonna love my free training.

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