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How To Choose The Backdrop For Your Videos

Mar 05, 2020

I got jokes I know, but this episode is about putting your best foot forward. Setting the scene for your videos can make all the difference. On today's episode of Digital Champions I discuss some of your options.

The most important thing is that people can see you. You wanna stand out. You wanna be more showing than what's in there.

So generally I recommend a clean background, something that's very simple, something that is gonna be just you and a background.

Yes, you can do your office which sometimes people do, but what I've found sometimes is people have personal information or other people's personal information in the background. So if you do choose to do your office, make sure that you get rid of that information. You want things to be simple and clean. Generally, I like the plain background.

Think about Apple. They got that simple, white background where it's like hey, I'm a PC, hey, I'm a Mac. Do you remember those videos? Yeah, they worked. They're clean. They're simple. You stand out on that bright white background.

Now depending on what your background is, you also wanna make sure that your attire matches the background, and by match, I mean not the same thing.

You wanna make sure that if you have a white background, you're not wearing white. You wanna wear colors that are gonna contrast well so that you stand out.

Amazon has a ton of different backdrops that you can actually purchase. So what I recommend is that you find one that fits your personality.

You can find one that's bright pink. Maybe that's what you like. That could be your style. That could be unique for you. There are bricks, there's green, the grass, there are other options. Now one other option as well as a green screen which is what I do.

Now personally, I don't recommend green screens because it can be a little difficult to figure out. You need to make sure you have all the proper lighting equipment, that the lighting's perfect, and it can be a lot of work in a post as well.

Now for me, obviously I like to have fun. I do some creative stuff, so the green screen makes sense, but it probably won't make sense for you.

So generally what I recommend is just keeping it simple, buying a clean backdrop, making it easy so that people can see you, and it's gonna make it look professional, look clean, and make you stand out from the other people that are filming in their car or filming in weird areas.

Take the time to create that professional background that looks good, and it's gonna help you stand out.

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