How To Create Ideas For Video Content

digital champions Apr 01, 2021

At this day and age everyone knows video content has the highest chance to go viral compared to other types of posts BUT why are there still so many entrepreneurs who have yet to start making videos for their business?

The reason might be the lack of ideas for your video content.

Watch this video to learn how to overcome that issue and start making videos CONSISTENTLY for your business!

Video Transcript

Here are three tips to creating great content for your audience. 

1. Ask Your Audience

Ask your audience that you already have, what do they wanna hear? What are the things that they're struggling with? What are the frequently asked questions that they have?

We often in our business, we want to think about what our audience needs. We think what we need. But the best way to get the results is just ask them what don't they know?

Do some research, it can be a post on social media, it can be a post in a Facebook group, it can be reaching out to individuals of your ideal clients and ask them what their biggest struggles are in their business. And then tackling those issues in your video content.

2. Competitions

Look at what your competitors are doing. See what content they are creating and see what content is resonating with their audience. If you have a similar audience - this is a great opportunity for you to utilize their content.

Now to be clear we're not stealing their content, it's likely that they're going be teaching similar things but it's going to give you ideas. You should be able to put your own spin when creating the content.

Also, the greatest content creators don't care if you're taking their content, because at the end of the day, it's all about service. It's all about making sure that this content is available to as many people as possible. So then you shouldn't worry about that either.

Don't worry about people talking about the things that you're talking about if it's gonna help the world - it's gonna help more people.

One of my coaches, he loves to give us a story and then he says, share this with your audience. You don't have to give them credit, you don't have to share this.

One of the biggest things that Brendon Burchard says is, "keep the main thing the main thing" but that's from Jim Rohn. He's taking it from his coaches. It's a big saying that he says but again, Jim Rohn doesn't care he's passing on a great message and that is what's important.

We need to create content that is going to help people and that's what the goal is. So utilizing what other people are doing it and repurposing it yourself is a great way to create effective content for your business.

3. Love Your Content

This is the most important! If this doesn't align with the first two then you don't want to be doing it either. We need to make sure that the content excites us. We want to make sure that the content is something that we enjoy talking about it.

It's going to make a huge difference when people see your energy. They actually enjoy what we're talking about because if we're enjoying it.

But if you don't even like what you're talking about then why is your audience going to enjoy it?

Make sure that you're creating content that lights you up, content that you believe can make a difference. Content that you believe is important.

That is so critical to making sure that our content is exciting and engaging because it's gonna bring out the best version of you so that you can thrive online so that you can make a difference in your audience. That is how you can make an impact but it starts with really creating that content that you enjoy talking about and content that you believe will make a difference in your audience's lives.

One more thing, if you like this content and you wanna learn how you can generate leads consistently, like I do in my business using video, check out my free training. All you got to do is go to the I will see you there.


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