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How To Elevate Your Brand

Nov 17, 2020

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm talking about how to elevate your brand, brand, brand, brand, brand, what does brand mean? What does branding mean? So I'd like to share this definition with you.

Branding, the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design, distinctive design. That is branding, how are we incorporating all of our marketing that we have a distinctive design? So what does that mean? It means that all of our posts are incorporating our colors, incorporating our fonts, these are things that you want to know.

You wanna know the exact color of your font so that you can utilize that into your marketing materials. You want those colors to be consistent, your logo is the biggest part of your brand. So the more that you're incorporating your colors, everything should be consistent so that when somebody see this those colors, they know it's you.

I have this very vibrant big blue which is very loud and very clear but it has become my distinctive design where people see that blue and they know they're gonna probably see my face. And so they can potentially see that color and not even see my face and know that it's me that is really the power of branding and how we can incorporate all of this.

So creating your distinctive design. Well, the first thing is we want to be consistent. What does that mean? It means across all platforms, we wanna have that consistent branding. So in other words, our accounts. If you've noticed my social media accounts, they're all the same, nickjboni, all across the board that is my consistent brand, all across.

So you wanna make sure that all of your social media accounts are all having that consistent branding so that it's easy for people to find you. You don't wanna be like, hey, well, if you go to Facebook then it's like nick.Bonitatibus and then if you go to Instagram it's nickjboni and then if you go to LinkedIn it's nBonitatibus. So understanding the different things, you wanna have consistent brand across so what you may have to do is look into all of the different accounts and make sure that they're available until you find one that's simple, easy and goes to your distinctive brand.

Obviously mine is a personal brand but there's tons of company out there where you can be specific around your business that is simple, easy for people to locate and it's across all platforms so you when you're sharing your social media channels, it makes it really easy for people to find you because it's the same on all of the different platforms.

We need to be professional, what does that mean? How can we elevate our brand in our social media? Well, it's simple. We can get professional photos for our social media and for our website and it doesn't have to cost a lot. I got some amazing photos from my friend Joe from a Say Cheese Studios and he had reached out to me, he wanted to get into portfolio work, doing professional photos for businesses and doing headshots and things of that sort.

So he actually reached out to me and was willing to take photos for free. I know how awesome is that. Now I don't necessaryI say that you're going to get it for free but there's tons of people out there that can offer services to help you out, there's friends that you may have there are photographer friends that can take pictures of you and utilize that, you can use these professional photos for your Facebook accounts, your LinkedIn accounts and making that professional touch, adding it to your website.

You can utilize these photos across the board for social media posts. So do whatever you can utilize resources, there's college students that are studying photographer that may be willing to do these services for free. So it doesn't have to be super expensive to get professional photos.

By all means you can hire a professional photographer. And I do recommend that you do actually pay them, me and Joe have a another shoot scheduled very soon at the time of this recording where I am most certainly gonna pay them because I understand the value. But my point is that there are a ton of resources out there where you can get professional photos where it doesn't cost an arm and a leg and it can very much elevate your brand. And the last thing is utilizing your social media to create that consistent brand.

I talked about at the beginning, what branding is having that distinctive brand, one, it's your face which I mentioned, it's also your accounts but it's also the look and feel of the things that you're sharing. Having those colors that stand out, I talk about this blue that is everywhere. It's on all my social media posts. I utilize this same font across the board, it is a distinctive design being very specific into utilizing the same font, utilizing the same colors in all of my posts to add to that branding.

So even if my face isn't in the picture. In the photo, people see that color and they know it's Digital Champions. So when you are designing your websites, your social media make sure that you have very distinctive design stands out that's consistent across all of your platforms, your website, your social media posts all across the board and it makes a huge difference to elevate your brand so that you can stand out from all of the other competitors. If you liked this video, you are gonna love my free training, click the link below or in this video.


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