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How To Get More Google Reviews For Your Home Care Business

Apr 07, 2022

It's essential!! When prospects (and caregivers) are looking for a company to work with - you can bet they are going to check google reviews. When you go on Amazon, is it not the first thing you check?

Here are some quick tips to get more...

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Whenever you go to Amazon, what's the first thing that you look at?

You look at the reviews, right? Have you ever done this?

I was having a conversation with my brother and he was looking to buy a ski goggles and I made a comment on a pair he was considering and said "what only 25 reviews, don't even bother."

When it comes to Amazon you're always looking for somebody that has an immense amount of reviews. You want that social proof or lots of people saying "hey, this is a quality product(or service)."

There's so many people that have said it look it's the strength in the numbers. Getting more of those five star reviews is essential
piece to getting better results.

We want to get more reviews however I first want to address a question I get often. 

What do I do when I get a bad review?

My answer is always get more good ones!

What can you do? It's going to happen.

Website Reviews 

The first thing to consider is how many reviews do you have on your website?

Currently, how many do you have?

If you're like most home care businesses, you have selected 5 or so and those remain on your website years. 

This is a big mistake!! 

When it comes to testimonials page and featuring Google reviews - you want to have as many as possible. 

You want someone to come to that page and say "Wow, there are so many here."

Many of my students told me it was a big reason why he signed up. You can check out my testimonials page - here.

He came to my website looked at my testimonials page and said "Wow, look at all these testimonials." So when it comes to your website - we want as many as possible.

Issues With Google

I don't have as many Google reviews and I've had some issues that I'm working on. Here's the issue with Google reviews - I don't own them. So I have a different strategy in getting reviews outside of Google which is how I'm able to have the landing page that has a lot of video testimonials. 

You may consider doing something similar because video testimonials are really powerful. You can't fake video testimonials.  

But again, when you think about your website and think about getting more reviews - put ALL the good ones on your site and not just the ones you like. 

People aren't going to read them all. Of course not, but it's the numbers itself that's going to make it powerful.

Get More Reviews

So, how can we get more?

Well, the first thing is simple..

1. Ask for them

Asking for reviews on a consistent basis and create a strategy around it.

When are you doing it?

2. Make It Easy

One way to make it easy is to create print material with a QR code that goes right to the link where you want to get them to post their review. 

Also give them some guidance on what to say. 

What's smart about this is you have something physical and it can be easy to just leave in you clients home or give it to your caregivers to drop off. 

The QR codes is key because they became so popular during the pandemic and for the most part everyone knows how to use them.

Make sure you're using QR codes!

3. Automate

The other way is automate the review process. 

Hopefully you have some type of CRM that you can set up where after let's say three months of them being on service, you automatically send them an email asking for feedback.

Hey, we'd love to hear your feedback. Boom, now you're getting reviews without even trying. You could even take them to a form that you manage so you can review it first. 

Then if it's good, you can direct them to google to post it again. 

If its automated then it will save you tons of time and increase those reviews. 

So when you want to get more reviews remember these three things.

  1. Ask for them.
  2. Make it easy.
  3. Automate it.

This will get you more reviews!


If you want to stand out you have to choose something that makes you the best!

You don't want to be better than the competition - you want to be the only choice! 

Figure out what that it is for you and go all in!

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