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How To Improve Your Video Presence

Sep 18, 2019

On today's episode of Digital Champions, we're talking about how to improve your video presence.

Video is just like anything else. It takes what? It takes practice.

Video is just like riding a bike, it takes time. The first time you start, you're gonna wobble, you may fall, it's okay, you get back up, you try again. The same thing goes with video.

You may fumble on some of your words, you may think about things that you wanted to say that you forgot, there are a number of different things that could happen during your video that you wish you did differently. But the point is you need to just get it out there, and not worry about the little details or things that you could have done better.

The idea is you put it out there, and the next video you move forward and make it better the next time. Put your content out there, don't be afraid, don't be worried about little things that could have been done, perfectionism in video is not gonna happen, you're always gonna find ways that you can improve.

Some ways that could help you to improve your presence is one, again, practicing. Doing it, getting more comfortable in front of the camera, just standing in front of the camera and speaking, even if you're not filming, even if you're not set up, just standing in front of the camera, having in use doesn't even need to be recording, and just practicing.

The other option again is practicing with your phone where you actually record it, so it may not be film day, but you take the time to just film yourself speaking about the topics that you want to talk about, and going over it and watching it and seeing if you can critique it yourself.

The third option is having somebody else critique yourself or speaking about the topic in front of someone else. Speaking in front of video is no different than speaking in front of an audience or speaking in front of a person, like you're just having a conversation.

That is how you should communicate all of your videos! As if it's just you and I, sitting in a room, having a conversation. That is how all of your videos should be presented, and it's gonna make a huge difference in portraying that communication that you want with your viewer.

The last thing you can do is feel free to send me your content. I would love to look and figure out ways of how we can improve upon it and build off of it.

Send me a direct message, email, whatever, however you want to get in communication with me. And I will let you know what I think about your video and how you can improve it.

But first post it, post it, post it! All right? Got it?

Yes. Practice makes perfect, but done is better than perfect.

See what I did there? All right, remember that, go get it.

Hit that publish button, put it out there, improve for the next time.

If you want to learn how to get started with video marketing today, go to www.thedigitalchamps.com/gift and download the free PDF.


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