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How To Increase Client Conversions

May 02, 2023

It’s the lifeblood of your home care business…

Sales! Some embrace it and some run from it, but your business will never grow without it.

So many agencies spend so much time and effort trying to get more leads, instead of learning how to close the leads they are currently getting.

Today, we conclude our 3 part series with Steve The Hurricane Weiss from Home Care Evolution, to discuss how to increase your conversions.


How would you like to make more sales without getting more clients? It's crucial that we focus on the metrics and strategies that can help us achieve this goal in our home care business. In this blog post, we're excited to welcome Steve The Hurricane, a mentor and incredible supporter, to discuss how you can increase your client conversions.

The Importance of an Inquiry Process

Steve emphasizes the importance of having a proper inquiry process and training your staff on it. According to the Homecare Pulse Report, agencies that do not have an inquiry training process and do not track their inquiries generate half the revenue of agencies that do. So, implementing an inquiry process could increase your revenue by 90%.

The 15-Second Rule

Within the first 15 seconds of a phone call, you should know the caller's name, phone number, and how they found out about your home care business. This information is crucial to understanding where your leads come from, enabling you to follow up with referral sources and thank them.

Getting the Feel for the Customer

Ask questions to understand the customer's situation and needs. This helps you assess whether your agency can handle their case and makes the customer feel comfortable. Guide the customer through the key points of your home care services, such as employee status, bonding, and insurance. This will demonstrate your expertise and professionalism.

Scheduling an Appointment: Do not attempt to sell your services over the phone unless it's urgent. Instead, schedule an appointment to visit the client's home for a consultation, assessment, or intake. This step is crucial for avoiding caregiver burnout and ensuring that your agency can accommodate the client's needs.

The Inquiry Process in a Nutshell:

  1. Answer the inquiry call or Internet lead and have a phone conversation.
  2. Obtain the caller's name, phone number, and how they found out about your agency.
  3. Guide the customer through the key points of your home care services.
  4. If they qualify as a target customer, schedule an appointment for an intake, consultation, or assessment.
  5. Visit the client's home and sell your services based on their needs and how your agency can best meet them.

By following Steve The Hurricane's expert advice, you can boost your client conversion rate and ultimately increase your home care business's revenue. Implementing an efficient inquiry process and effectively communicating with potential clients will ensure that you meet their needs while growing your business.


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