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How To Increase Conversions On Your Home Care Website

Mar 17, 2022

You spend all this time trying to drive prospects to your website, but are you generating leads and sales. So how can you increase conversions to turn those viewers into clients?

On today's episode of Home Care Digital, we're talking about how to increase website conversions. The first thing we need to discuss is what is a conversion?

There's multiple forms of conversions, and in this case, we're talking about a leads.

What is a lead?

A lead is someone who may eventually become a client as well as from a sales perspective is the data, which is what we're talking about. And so in this particular situation, when I'm talking about a lead and a conversion, I'm talking about somebody coming to your website and giving you their information.

Now, to be clear, that does not necessarily mean, all right, that you're specifically doing a contact us form, right? A lot of times when we think about leads, we're only thinking about it as a contact us form because so many home care business owners don't have more than a contact us form on their website.

We're missing out on huge opportunities, because somebody may come to your website, and they're not ready to buy yet or ready to speak with you yet. Those types of leads are known as a hot leads.

We wanna be able to attract and get leads, not just from a contact us form, because you may be having tons of people coming to your website already and then leaving and you have no idea because there was nothing there to get their attention and get their information outside of a contact us form.

So what can we do?

Create a Lead Magnet

We want to create a lead magnet aka digital resource that will be extremely valuable to them in exchange for some info.

When asking for info, we only want name and email. Keeping it simple. We don't want any more than that right now. They don't want to give you their phone number. They don't want you to call them or else they would fill out a contact us form.

The less information asked increases the number of opt-ins. So somebody giving you their information is around $15 in their mind. Whatever your lead magnet is needs to be valuable enough that somebody's willing to give you their information.

Types Of Lead Magnets

Generally, it's gonna be two types, one will be a digital download like an ebook or a free guide and the other being a video training.

Personally, I am huge fan of the video training because it is a great way to build trust with you audience and share how you can help them without taking any of your time. You can check out mine called Social Media Success here

One thing to know when you're thinking about conversions on your website...

70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.

So adding video to your website is going to increase opt-ins, contact us fomrs, and sales.

Adding Video

If you think about right now, right, if you went to a number of your competitors' websites and you look to see if they have video, you can bet that most people are not doing this. 

You want be different, right?

You want to stand out, right?

You want more conversions, right?

Adding video is going to do that. Not to mention, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, behind Google, and Google owns YouTube. So simply having a video on your website, not only will it increase conversions, but it's also going to help with your organic SEO and driving traffic from Google.

The Power of One

Here's a quote that I love...

"A good YouTube video is like hiring an employee you pay once that works for you for weeks, months, years to come."

If you create one great video and you have that one on your website- it can continue to produce results.

Creating video content consistently is a great strategy and highly encouraged, but just having one video can produce amazing results for you on your website, increasing those conversions.


  • Create a lead magnet
  • Add video to your website
  • Know your conversion rate.

It's not just about sales. It's also about your landing pages on your website. Are you converting the traffic that's coming to your website into leads? These are numbers that you need to know. Once you determine that you can turn those leads into sales!

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