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How To Increase Social Media Engagement

Nov 26, 2019

On today's episode of Digital Champions, Nick talks about 3 effective ways to increase your engagement on social media.  


Hey everyone. On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm gonna be talking about how to increase your social media engagement.


First off, I wanna say, Happy Thanksgiving, and I wanna take a moment to really just thank you. Thank you for taking the time to follow me, get engaged with me, reach out to me, and thank me for the content. It truly means the world to me, and it's absolutely amazing and almost overwhelming at times the amount of support that I've received.


So thank you, thank you, thank you. And to go into the lesson of giving thanks and improving social media engagement, that's what this is all about.


1. Thank Your Audience 


When somebody reaches out, when someone comments on one of your videos, what you can do is actually send them a personal message via messenger or direct message. And what that's going to do is, that's going to tell Facebook and Instagram that you guys are now in touch, and you guys are close in friends.


And so they're gonna see more of your content based on your messages going back and forth. So one, this works well with somebody who's already engaged with your content because now it's gonna make sure that they continue to see your content, and two, you can use this strategy as well to reach out to somebody that maybe you want to see your content that's not engaging with it, to reconnect it and have them be able to see your content.


2. Respond to all comments and shares.


You wanna increase engagement? Well, your engagement counts. So when somebody posts a comment on one of your social media posts, make sure to like the post and then comment back. You've now duplicated the amount of engagement on that post.


Now one thing to keep in mind in this particular situation, you don't necessarily wanna say, "hey thank you for the comment", or thank you for whatever, the share. You wanna actually try to keep the conversation going.


Try and come up with a way to engage them even more. Ask them a follow up question. They share your video, hey. They're like, oh, I love this video. It was great.


Well, what was your favorite part? Which aspect was most effective? Which thing are you gonna implement first? However it may be, but try to get the conversation going because that, again, is going to increase the engagement.


3. Engage With Others


If you want people to get engaged with your content, engage with other people's content. It's one of those things that you treat people how you wanna be treated.


If you want people to like, and comment, and share on your videos, then do the same for them. You take the first step forward, you go after it, get out of this, me, me, me world, and start looking at how you can help others, and it will come back to you.


I hope that helps, and I'll talk to you soon. And Remember "Let's Keep Growing Together."


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