How To Increase Social Media Engagement For Your Home Care Business

Want to increase your social media engagement?

Looking to increase your social media engagement? Here's how.

When it comes to your social media and understanding how engagement works, it's important to really understand a few things.

 Engagement does not necessarily mean likes and comments.

Yes, those are things that we want, but really, engagement is anything, they could be clicking on the post, looking at the post, reading the post. All contributes to that engagement that's gonna get more people to see it.

Increased Engagement = Increased Reach

Through our business analytics on our Facebook page and Instagram (Facebook Insights Support), we can see those analytics and see how many people saw a particular post. Reach is a much more valuable analytic to watch.

Not to mention, likes and comments don't get business!

We want get in front of as many people as we can, but engagement is not necessarily what's always going to get your message in front of THE RIGHT people.


1. Focus On Your Audience

I see so often when it comes to social media. People say things like "Me, me, me, I, I, I, we, we, we," all right.

This is where the shift needs to be made.

We want to start focusing on the audience instead of just talking about ourselves. So we shouldn't be using words like I, me and we. We want to be using things like you.

We're speaking to the audience instead of it being read as if I'm just talking about myself. People don't like to hear people talk about themselves. They want to know how is it relevant to them.

So the more that we can share and focus the message on them is going be a much more engaging conversation. They're gonna feel like they're being talked to, instead of talked at, which is going to increase the amount of engagement that you see.


2. Craft Effective Hooks

Another thing that you can do is to create effective hooks. So that first line that we have on our social media posts, we want to draw people in.

We want to make sure that one line focuses on your audience, but it's also attractive and makes them want to stop. Then hopefully it gets them to read more or check out the post longer.

Example: This post will change your life...

See how effective that is when we can create more hooks like that. That are really specific. Who doesn't want more change in their life? Plus it begs the question, how?

It's going to change my life. How is it going to change my life? Creating that curiosity, that's going to increase the overall engagement that you get on ALL your social media posts.

Side note: You also want to use this strategy with emails, flyers, and just about anything and everything in your marketing effort. 


3. Collaboration 

It's collaboration. You want to get in front of more people, increase your engagement by collaborating with other businesses, power partners, people that are in your field and have similar clients.

One of my students in Lead Machine Academy (contact Nick to learn more about LMA) is visiting friends who own local restaurants to interview them to post on his social media channel.

As a home care business, people want to see you are active in the community. Many people who may be fans of the restaurant, likely have parents who need care or will at some point.  

When you feature other businesses/business professionals, they are going to want to share it to their followers because its great publicity for them too. 

You're the creator. You're going to be sharing it on your page. Then you're going to tag them in it. They're going to share it. Their friends are going to see it. They're gonna want to share it. 

As a result, you're able to use this organic connection to get more engagement, get more shares, because you're collaborating with someone else.

Not only can you collaborate with local restaurants, but also use this strategy to approach new referral sources that you are looking to get business from. 

For example: "Hey, I'd love to promote your business. Would you, would you like to do a video with me?"

Of course they are going to say yes. Everyone want to get more exposure a new business and they know social media is a great way to do it.


4. Video

Video is going to increase your amount of engagement. People like video. Video gets shared 1200% more than text and images combined.

I talk a ton about video, so I am not going to go into it further. Check out other episodes to learn more about getting started with video. 


5. Long Form Content

This is outside what most businesses are doing, but that exactly why you should do it. 

It has worked really well for me and I know it will help you get results as well.

So what does "long form content" mean?

It means not just posting two sentences. If you take the time to write a real message, write out some value, write out something that someone's going to take the time to read because it's relevant for them.

We structure it with a hook to bring them in so that they wanna read more. And this is really going to increase your reach.

Now, you don't have to do this all the time, because obviously it takes more time to create long form posts that somebody is going to read. And so, as I talked about earlier in the video, when you have somebody that's clicking on the post to read more, it's telling Facebook, Hey, this is good content. People are pausing on this content. People are taking the time to read.

You may not always be able to watch a video. You know, sometimes people are in different areas. They don't wanna like turn on their sound. And so that's really where it's effective to have some written posts mixed in with your video content. 

It also gives you the opportunity to showcase more of your authentic self. It what helps people to connect with you as a real person. 

When it comes to your long form posts, don't make it about I, me, me, me. We make it about them. Being authentic does not mean just blabbering on about yourself. The goal is to provide value to the reader and focus on them. 

What stories and experiences could you share that would help them?


You now have 6 strategies that you can us to increase your social media engagement. Now go out there and start creating great content!


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