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How To Increase Video Views

Oct 28, 2020

On today's episode of "Digital Champions," I'm talking about how to increase video views.

Ah, increasing video views, something we all want. However, I often see a big mistake that many entrepreneurs and businesses are making when it comes to wanting to get more views. See, that is our goal, however, the problem that many people make is that they think that they want more YouTube views, and this is a mistake.

I understand YouTube is great, you wanna get more YouTube views, yes, your ego, I get it. I'm there, I understand, I want more views too, but what I've found is so much more impactful is just getting people to watch the video itself.

It doesn't matter where they watch, so when we're uploading our videos, we must, this isn't a recommendation, this is an absolute must, when you're uploading your videos, upload your videos directly to the platform itself. Here's the reason, okay, I understand, there are some people questioning it.

They're like, you're like, "No Nick, I want more YouTube views." First reason, okay, Facebook hates YouTube videos, they're competitors, they're businesses, they don't want you going from their social media network to another social media network. Just logically doesn't make sense, okay? And it goes with all of the social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook are the only ones that are together, they're one company.

So understanding that they're okay with things cross-promoting. But here's the big thing about videos that people don't understand about why you should really be uploading it to the platforms directly. It's very likely that the people, that your audience is not gonna watch the entire video, and that's okay, that's the beauty of this. The thing is when you upload a video directly to the platform, one, it's gonna be so much more to grab their attention because it's motion, there are things going on, there's movement.

If you're uploading on YouTube, you don't get that movement. You need to upload it so people see you, they see your face, they see you talking. Now you start to see, okay, there's movement, what's going on here? What's Nick doing, oh, let me tune in, what's he talking about? So now we've grabbed their attention, how are we stopping that scroll? How are we stopping people's news feed, we need to grab them with that motion.

Now, I was working with one of my clients and we were looking at some of his analytics, and we were realizing that he was getting some great consistent views where 95% of the video were being watched by a great number of people.

But there were also people who were only watching 50% of the video, but if the video is three minutes long and somebody's watching a minute and a 1/2, that's awesome.

Pat yourself on the back, okay? You're not gonna get that same level of viewership if you're having people have to click away. But if it's right there and you're making it really easy for people to tune in just for a second, that's gonna be so valuable.

If you can get people to just watch you for 30 seconds to a minute, that's still valuable. They don't have to watch all of your videos. So if you wanna get more views, start uploading the videos directly to the platform itself and understanding that people may tune in for a bit and start watching, and the more people that start watching, it's gonna start to incorporate more people watching and so then it's gonna be more likely to continue to show up in the news feed.

Hope this helps, upload your videos natively to the platforms, please, please, no more YouTube videos on LinkedIn or Facebook, please, please, okay? Go make it happen, upload those videos directly and watch the magic happen.

Watch how many more views across all the platforms you get. If you like this video, you're gonna love my free training.

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