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3 Ways How To Make Better Videos Before Hitting Record

Oct 22, 2021

Want to make better videos? All we got to do is increase our energy! So how can we go about making better videos by increasing our energy?

1. Stand Up When You Record

Standing is a great way to increase your energy in your videos. When you sit it often makes you more sluggish. It also makes us crouch our back instead of our back being nice and straight. 

2. Pump Yourself Up

All right, this was something that one of my students shared on our group call last week where he actually plays pump up music to get excited about the filming process. He uses that to motivate himself and get really psyched and get pumped up.

To gain more energy, play some motivational music to get yourself going.

3. Overemphasize 

The other thing that you need to understand when it comes to video and making better videos is that video has a tendency to bring your energy down. So we want to be overdramatic and over energized.

I know it can feel weird at first, but it can make a huge difference. If you want to make better videos - be over the top.

It feels over the top when we're doing it and it can sometimes feels like were being fake or inauthentic. However, when the finished product comes out, it's gonna be so much better.

People are gonna feel that energy, and when they feel your energy, they're gonna connect with you more.

The more that we can bring this energy in our videos, the better that they are going to perform, the more people are gonna connect with us, and the better videos they are going to be.

Let's review...

1. Stand Up

2. Play Motivational Music

3. Be Overdramatic 

All 3 of these things will increase your energy and help you to create better and more engaging videos. 

Thanks for reading! Go out there and make some videos!


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