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How To Make Social Media Easy

Nov 08, 2020

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm talking about how to make social media easier. Well, this is simple. If you want to make your social media easier you have to create systems, you have to create a plan.

In other words, you have to create a schedule. Oh wow schedule, never thought of that, yeah, it's super easy, super simple.

We just need to understand what we're gonna post on each day. If we incorporate, okay? And understand that we are gonna do each thing, each category or theme each day then we know what we're gonna post every day and generally I recommend that we post at least once a day.

If we do Monday motivation, Tuesday tip, Wednesday question, get people engaged get people communicating, get that conversation going Thursday testimonial, Friday, let's have some fun, do something fun Saturday, talk about your services, different ways that you can help people.

Sunday, let's have some more fun, do some documenting on what's going on in your life. Share your experience, share that behind the scenes. Once you have these systems in place once you're able to create this schedule that you know you're gonna do this post each day Monday through Sunday, it makes it really easy when you categorize these themes.

Now, how can we take that to the next level? What do we post on these days? What can we share other than maybe those seven things that I just mentioned 'cause there's a number of different things and you don't necessarily have to stay set to that theme. There's a ton of other different things that you can do. For example you can share a tip, ask a question, inspirational quote a day in the life of, testimonials answers to a question, a client story, a holiday posts.

There's tons of holidays out there, there's also a lots of weird holidays, like ice cream day and pizza day and Oreo day.

Tons of different things that you can share that are focused around holidays, as well as national holidays. Then there's contest giveaways, highlighting your staff, talking about industry events that are going on, sharing your referral partners. Yes, highlight some of your business partners, that's great, they like referrals, you like referrals. Highlight some of your friends. They're gonna be more likely to share that content 'cause you're sharing them.

Boom! You see all this effect, utilizing this, not something that maybe you do all the time but can be very impactful. Another thing, sharing a comic, being funny I mentioned doing fun Friday, such an important aspect. I talked about sharing a day in the life of that's such an easy way to document, an easy way to share what's going on in your business. Hey, I'm out here filming check me out, doing some awesome filming right now.

So you see how you can utilize, if you were to find this exact day in which I'm filming, which I'm not gonna tell you but there's gonna be a post of me filming because again, day in the life of I'm showing behind the scenes, showing what's going on in my business, preparing to create more content.

There's tons of things that are going on in your business that you can share about. People wanna know about your business, people wanna see the behind the scenes, people wanna see who you are as a company. I've talked about being the differentiator, showing yourself, showing the day in the life of, documenting your daily day and just like thinking of, Oh great, here I'll post this.

Generally, this is a good additional post 'cause you don't know necessarily what's gonna be going on that day. But if you can incorporate these different things and have a schedule, have a strategy, it makes everything so easy, super simple for you to be able to consistently create content without spending tons of time.

So make it happen, create a schedule that works for you and start creating content. Ready? Go. If you like this video you are gonna love my free training click the link below or in this video.


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