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How To Measure Social Media Success (ROI)

Feb 02, 2022

You're told to post to social media, but how do you know it is working? On today's episode of Home Care Digital, we are talking about how to measure social media success.

1. Reach

The first way to measure social media success is through reach. Often, when we think about social media, we're checking out engagement, but the most important thing is how much of our content is getting in front of people that we want to see it. By looking at the business analytics on our pages, we can determine how many people are reaching with each post.

People may not always be liking, and commenting, but that doesn't mean that they're not seeing your content. Focusing on reach is a great place to really look at your data, and see how well it's performing to see which posts are doing well.

Then you can ask yourself...

  • What you could tweak?
  • What you could improve?
  • Can I replicate this?

2. Social Media Growth

The next thing you wanna look at is social media growth. Is your channel actually growing? Are you doing things that are going to continue to grow your followers, and increase your subscribers?

This is an essential piece. We need to think about growing our social media channels the same way that we think about growing our business. Social media is no different and you should have strategies around creating a growth plan so that you can grow these numbers.

Ask yourself...

  • What can we do to grow these numbers?
  • Where are we at?
  • How are we measuring?
  • How are we increasing?

3. Traffic

The next way is through traffic. Actual traffic coming to our website. Are you looking at the data and the analytics?

If so, you can determine social media has driven  ______ amount of viewers to our website.

In order to be able to do this, we have to have Google Analytics set up. So if you don't have that, that's an important thing where you can actually go in and see these numbers.

4. Leads

Are people actually contacting you? Are they signing up for a lead magnet that you have on your website? (I'll talk about in a later episode)

Are people coming to your site from these social media channels and actually opting-in? We need to know this!

This is a fundamental piece and one of the best ways to actually track results. When someone opt-in and they become a lead - we can then determine where the lead came from. If know the lead came from Facebook and we converted them as a client - we now know we should be spending more time on social media.

If we don't know our numbers, and we don't know where we're at, then we have no way of knowing how much time we should be spending on social media or how much money we should be spending on social media.

We have to know these numbers. We have to look at all these things. So this is why it's so essential that we're keeping mind of all of these different aspects.

So let's review....

Reach: how many people are seeing our content?

How many people are we getting in front of? These are the things that we want to know. That's gonna help us analyze the different types of posts, and how to evaluate the success of those individual posts.

Growth: Is your channel growing?

Are you focusing on ways that grow your audience? Getting in front of new people? Expanding your audience, expanding your market, doing certain things that are gonna drive more traffic to your social media channels.

Traffic: Is your social media actually generating traffic to your website?

Leads: How are you actually converting those leads on your website?

When it comes to measuring your social media success and ROI, these are the four things that you want look at.

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