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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

May 13, 2020

You are not alone - I have felt the same way. Why should and would anyone listen to me? On today's episode of Digital Champions, I discuss How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome.


Now, the first thing that I wanna talk about is an objection that I often hear. Where people say "well I can't do that, somebody else is already doing it." Or" I'm not good enough to do this" "I don't know enough". I want you to think about something real quick.

You ever seen the movie catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio? Yeah, based on a true story? Pretty funny movie, I know. And one of the things that happens in the movie is he actually teaches a college university class.

And what's really funny is when they ask him "how did you do this?" And he says "well I just stayed one chapter ahead." And that's all that you need to be able to do.

Understand that your audience needs to hear what you have to say. And you knowing 10% more than your audience or one chapter ahead is going to be super beneficial for them. Just because maybe it's out there or somebody else knows more than you, doesn't give you an excuse not to share the information that you know.

Assume that people don't know anything about your business, about your services, about what you're passionate about, what you're teaching about. You have a unique insight.

The thing is there maybe somebody else that's creating that content 'cause that's another objection oh there's somebody else that's creating similar content. But the thing is, we are all different. We all communicate our messages differently.

There's another quote that I heard and I don't remember exactly what the quote was, so I'm paraphrasing. But basically what they said is, there is not new knowledge, only new messengers.

For years the Grant Cardones of the world they learned from the Brian Tracys of the world and the Zig Ziglar's of the world. It all comes prior, from Napoleon Hill going back even further and understanding that the same teachings have been going on for generations.

So don't feel just because somebody else is doing it that, that means you can't. Because you have your own unique way of teaching it. I know I have my own unique way of teaching it. You see how I make weird funny videos.

I try and educate, entertain, and inspire at the same time. And this is where the value comes. Yes, are other people on social media teaching video?

Yes, I learned some of it from YouTube and from my own experiences. But I have that exact thing, I have my own experiences. I have my own stories to share. And I have a responsibility and a duty to share that information just as you do.

So do not feel that maybe you don't know enough or you need to learn more, no. But I will say you should always be constantly learning.

So even though you have the information, you are the expert and you should be teaching this content you still wanna be constantly learning. And that's gonna constantly give you more content to put into your work, into your videos, into your posts.

The more that you can learn, listen in a podcast, reading books, watching videos, other videos on YouTube, investing in courses. All of that goes into education and then being able to then, share it with other people.

Be a teacher, be an educator, help people. If you're talking about something that you're passionate about and that you really wanna educate, then you can't worry about your competitors that are also teaching that content.

I know people specifically that teach the same thing that I do. But I support them because I'm passionate about creating video and inspiring others to create video too.

Therefore you shouldn't worry about the competitors. You have the education and you wanna educate people and impact lives. So you should be supporting them as well because, you're getting that message out, there you're getting that knowledge out there, to the world helping people, making a difference. And that's what this is all about. Creating content that's going to make a difference.

Think about that one person that you can help. Stop worrying about feeling like you're an impostor. We all feel that. I've been there, I know what that feels like. I've heard other experts Brennan Burchard, Tony Robbins they all started the same way.

We need to just start creating the content, get over that fear, and start helping people with your content and education. Yes let's get out, there let's do it. I can't wait to see what you create.

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