How To Recruit Caregivers On Social Media

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Marketing your home care business can be tough because you are targeting both prospective clients AND prospective caregivers. In today's episode, we discuss leveraging social media to recruit caregivers, but also what NOT to do!

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What NOT To Do

First thing is, we do not want to keep sharing post after post about jobs opportunities. This is a big mistake for 2 reasons. 

When you're just posting a regular social media post, that is only going to your followers. And unless you have a flooded followers of caregivers, it's not going to work.

It's more likely that people following your page are clients, friends of yours, family. And yes, they may share that post but sharing a job post actually gets in front of more people. Is it good to mix in occasionally, yes but it should be done with other valuable content. 

However, if you want to get better results, you want to create actual job posts which is different than just sharing a photo about looking for help. The big difference being that it goes to WAY more people and not just your followers. 

Now, I'm not going to be talking about job postings and things of that and how to get better results. If you would like more info about that, you can ask me about how to join Lead Machine Academy

Why Only Targeting Caregiver Is Bad

So often I see home care business owners just saying we're hiring, we're hiring and we don't want to do this.  And a lot of times, it's just simple social media posts (not job posts) or they're posting on their personal pages. If you do this too much - you will loose your audience.

Posting More DOES NOT Equal Results

It's not an effective strategy in your marketing effort to just constantly be posting about you hiring especially if you are not sharing why it should matter to them. 

Your content when recruiting should be focused on videos and posts that are relevant to everyone (potential clients and caregivers) and doing it in a way that doesn't sound so desperate.

Because here's the thing, social media is word of mouth and it is a huge part of how
our marketing and so one of the best ways to grow your business and
get more attention and get more eyes on our business. 

Caregivers Are Seeing Your Social

Social media allows caregivers to get a feel for what the companies like before they even apply, so if you're running job postings on Facebook - it is extremely likely they are going to check out your posts and see if your company is right for them. 

So if you don't have a good social media presence and you're not posting quality content then it decreases the likelihood the caregiver will apply or be invested long term. 

Having a positive social media is essential.

In a study from the Aberdeen group "73 percent of Millennials found that their last position through a social media platform."

In other words, caregiver are going to check out your social media!

To be successful, we want to do it in a way that isn't pushy so that we can strategically attract great team members that will stick around. 


This is some stats from the Home Care Pulse Benchmarking Study and as you can see
a lot of the methods. (FYI: Stats are from 2019 and have changed slightly)

  1. Indeed
  2. Employees,
  3. myCNAjobs
  4. Referral sources
  5. Social Media

But here's the thing - many of them are actually connected to social media. 

When your current employees and your referral sources enjoy working with you then they are more likely to engage and share social media content. It is a way to increase referrals from everyone and anyone that know you and your organization. 

Social media is not one category of this - it's in combination of all these other elements. Social media is word of mouth!

It is so important that we have a good presence that we're doing things on social because you don't know how many potential caregivers (and clients) you may be losing when you don't have an active social media presence. 

What Content Should You Create?

1. Make it personalized!

Less or no stock photos. Please people, I'm tired of seeing the same old ladies. You know which photos I am talking about it. You see them everywhere! It's the same two women. 

We want it to be personal and we want to showcase our real team members. Showcase real people - that is how we connect with our audience. 

2. Get Your Team Involved

When you're getting your staff involved it creates a community element. When you team is involved then they are more likely to like, engage and share your content. 

The more engagement then increases your organic reach which means you are getting in front of new people as well as been seen by your existing audience.

 3. What Makes You Different

Focusing on what makes you different from other companies. Sharing things like your core values and your mission statements on social media helps you to standout as well as help you audience get to know what is truly important to you. 

Those are things that make a difference and it's also specific to clients and caregivers.

We're targeting both those audiences, so this is a great example that targets both demographics. 

 4. Talk To Both Audiences At The Same Time

We want to make sure that we're using specific content that's going to be beneficial from both parties. Home Care is extremely unique in this standpoint compared to other organizations out there. 

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FREE Training: Social Media Success - Click Here 


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