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How To Recruit Caregivers Using Video Without Being On Camera

Feb 23, 2022

Recruit more caregivers using video WITHOUT being on camera. How? Check it out!

When it comes to attracting caregivers, and actually getting them to apply, we want conversions! We want them to apply when they come to our application pages, job postings, etc.

Why should they choose you? What makes you so different? What makes you special?

The thing is, if you're talking about yourself, brag, brag, brag, "We're the best, we're the best, we're the best," eh, everyone's saying that.

According to Forbes, "70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium."

So, having a video on your application page is going to increase conversions and quality applicants wanting to work with you.

Plus, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

If we share and explain similar things that are already on our pages in video - that will make you different! It's going to increase conversions by getting more people to apply when they come to your site.

Now you may be thinking, "Nick, but you said I don't have to be on camera."

Yes, now, it is better that you're on camera. When they actually see the person the could work for it helps to create the know like trust factor.

That being said, it not required to create a successful video. 

One my my clients, Caleb, created a recruitment video for his website and this is what he said...

We have a landing page for recruiting caregivers with our company. The average time that a person would spend on that page when we first launched it was around a minute and a half.

Now, six months later, we went from people spending a minute and a half on our page to spending five minutes, 41 seconds on average when they visit our landing page.

It has helped to make our recruiting process a lot easier. The quality of people that we're hiring are the quality of people that we're looking for, all because Nick helped improve our recruiting process by branding right up front and getting a clear message to the people that are on our team, "This is who we are as a company, 'this is who we want to join our company,' and it's been awesome.

Here is the video I helped him to create. 

Now, as you can see the video is not five minutes long but this is specific results showcases that when you have a video - potetial applicants will watch it!

These are actual caregivers sharing their story and why they wanna work for you. It is so powerful!

Here are some other examples from a few of my students...

As I mentioned before, you trying to talk about how great your business is is okay, but if you have real people that work for you talking about how awesome it is to work for you with your company above any other company that's out there, that's going to separate you!

Social proof is essential and key in marketing your business for not just clients but in your recruiting as well!

If you wanna recruit more caregivers, adding a recruitment video to your page is going to be a massive aspect that's going to increase your conversions to potential applicants that may already be coming to your page, but then decide to look elsewhere. 

Having a video is not only going to increase applicants, but it's also going to increase show up rate and rentention.

There's not a lotta people doing this right now. My students are doing it and they're having great success. You can have great success with it too.


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