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How To Stand Out Online

Mar 25, 2020

You know what really makes me angry? When people try to be like everyone else. If you want to stand out, you need to be willing to be different. On today's episode of Digital Champions, I discuss How To Stand Out Online. HULK SMASH!!!


You can tell that there's a little craziness that goes on in my head. But the idea is to stand out. Now, when it comes to you, you don't necessarily have to rip your shirt off and jump off screens like the mad Hulk, but you can do things that are creative that's gonna help you stand out.


Do things that are gonna separate you from other people. Think creatively. Be different. You have to be willing to step out and do something that other people maybe aren't willing to do.


I took this message from one of my mentors named Steve. He always says, "Risk being the fool." And I absolutely love that. And I think I've been doing it pretty well. You may agree.


You may not even agree that what I'm doing is right or professional. But again, I don't care because I wanna be different. The reason why doing this crazy stuff is because no one else is doing it. Be different. Be creative. Do things that are gonna stand out.


Now this goes for social media and video. What are you willing to do? What are you willing to post? What are you willing to share? The more that you can do to be different, the more that you're gonna stand out.


Doing video alone is gonna help you stand out because so many people are too scared to even press record and hit publish. So just by being able to overcome that fear or being willing to take time and make some videos is gonna help you stand out in your audience. But again, it's all about just being different and thinking creatively.


Think outside the box. You're smart. Be your authentic self. The reason why I do a lot of the weird special effects is 'cause that's me. I'm nerdy. There's a lot of superhero movies that I'm probably seeing it within the first week if I didn't see it on the first night. I love that stuff! Star Wars, Marvel, DC, they're my favorite things to watch. So it reflects in that when I do superhero effects.


So be you, be your unique self. What is different about you? Your best marketing strategy is being your full, authentic self. The more that you can portray yourself, the more that you're gonna stand out. But if you just try and do what other people are doing or be like other people, you're just gonna blend in. Be willing to step into the spotlight, step out of the shadows, and be different. I hope that helps and I'll talk to you soon.


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