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How To Use Social Media For Drop By Visits

Jun 15, 2021

Looking for reasons to drop by a referral source (aside from asking for a referral)?

Here are some ways to use social media to separate yourself from your competitors when visiting your referral sources.

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As you may know, a huge part about getting referrals and going to referral sources is through drop-by visits. But one of the things is, you can't just keep going in there and asking for referrals. You have to have a reason for a drop by visit.

In today's world, it's even more difficult, with COVID in the last year and how difficult things have been. It becomes that much more important to be leveraging online in what we're doing.

So how can we use social media to establish drop-by visits and have things to do?

Well, here's a simple example. Let's say that you meet Bob. And Bob, he likes going to Philadelphia Eagles football games. While at those games, he loves to go to tailgates and barbecue. His specialty is making this amazing rack of ribs for every tailgate.

Now you know that he's an Eagles fan and likes ribs. We're learning things about Bob because you connected with him on social media so you can build relationships and learn more personal things about him.

You learn what sports teams that they like and what they like to do on the weekends and free time. You can now use that knowledge to have an effective reason to drop by.

For example, you could give an article that is specific to the Eagles or rib recipes and dry rubs. The other option could be giving a seasoning.

So bob say, "Oh wow, look at that, that's so awesome." 'Cause now it's personal and specific to the things that he actually enjoys and likes.

If you're doing drop-by visits and it's the same as every single person, it's not going to have as great an impact. I know your time is valuable, so it is wise to do this with a select group of referral sources.

You may be thinking already that there are certain referral sources and certain contacts that you really want to impress. So you wanna do something a little different. You want to do something that's gonna make you stand out. You wanna do something that is going impress them.

This is just one example of utilizing the knowledge that you get from building relationships with referral sources online. You will actually get to know them and things that they like so that you can then tailor your marketing which will create a greater impact increasing the likelihood the will refer you.

Remember, the goal is to continue to strengthen the relationships. And the more that you can find things you have in common the easier it will be. For example, I like the Eagles and I like barbecuing, so those are two things that we would get along great.

Even if it's something you're not super interested in it still works, but if you can find something that you're both interested in then its going to be much easier to find something good and have a conversation about it.

It will help you to create those connections, create those bonds, and the more interests that you have that are similar, the more that you're gonna be a connect.

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