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How To Use Video To Recruit Caregivers

Jun 22, 2021

Recruiting caregivers is tough and that is why it is essential that home care businesses use ever tool possible to stand out from everyone else. On today's episode of Digital Champions, you will learn how to use video to recruit caregivers.

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The first thing to understand when it comes to using video to attract caregivers, is understanding that there are different types of caregivers that you're looking to attract.

For example...

1. Work for another company.

So in this case they may be unhappy with their current position whether it be how well they are treated or how well they're paid. By understanding that some people may be coming from another company.

One way to attract this audience and understanding that they may be looking for other opportunities is creating a recruitment video where your caregivers specifically talk about how awesome your company is.

Many organizations just say "Hey, we have open positions." and thats it. If they have a job already then that won't be very compelling for them to switch. 

We want to make sure that we are selling our business so much so that they think "wow, I need to learn more about this company, because their caregivers look so happy."

By creating a recruitment video where your top caregivers or a bunch of your caregivers are talking about how awesome your company is, that's going to increase the number of applicants. It will have such a greater impact than it would if you were to just say how awesome it is.

Understanding that this is the audience, will allow you to create better messaging which will increase your results. 

2. No experience and doesn't know what being a caregiver entails. 

These are two very different audiences that are going to need different messaging. An example that could be beneficial for somebody with no experiences, is a video of you talking about all the benefits of being a caregiver.

You may even discuss that they don't need any experience to get started. You may have opportunities where you can offer scholarships, for them to get CNA training as long as they work for you for a certain time period.

So all of these things can be super beneficial but if you were to talk to somebody who already is a CNA and already has a job, then that messaging is not gonna work. And so, understanding that having different messaging for the different audiences and different videos, is gonna be super beneficial to attract those people that we wanna attract.

In marketing (recruiting), we want our audience to say "Oh, this is for me." "This is what I want to hear." "This is beneficial for me." The same way that I'm talking to you right now as a home care business. It is specific for you. We want to make sure that we're doing the same thing when we're talking to our prospective caregivers.

3. Working towards becoming a nurse

In this situation, we're targeting specific people that are looking to get to a certain level. Now this could also be, they may be looking to become a CNA and maybe they're, they're only an NA, you know, right now.

We're now attracting people that may be high school or college students that are looking for career opportunities to get experience before they graducate. Or looking for a job to pay for schooling to become a nurse. 

When posting flyers arounds schools, you can create 2 different types of flyers to attract different audience and see which performs better.

We know how hard with the caregiver crisis that it is to recruit caregivers. So we need to use the best sales tactics in our messaging to communicate with the different types of audiences that are out there and creating content around this to specifically speak to them.

Making this small shift works for social media posts and ads that you may be creating as well. 

Does this make you want to rethink you messaging and tactics?


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