How To Work Smarter Not Harder

digital champions Sep 16, 2020

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm talking about how to work smarter, not harder. 

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Isn't this something we all want? Working smarter, not harder, utilizing certain techniques and strategies, we can make this go a lot easier.

One of the common questions that I get is Nick, how can I add video to my marketing?

I don't have the time for video. I can't incorporate this into all the other things that I'm doing. Well, here's the short answer, you don't.

You don't add video, you make video your marketing strategy. This is how we work smarter, not harder. We create a marketing machine utilizing the power of video.

When you can create videos, it can become a full circle part of your marketing effort.

What do I mean?

Well, first thing is we are taking a video. In this case, my videos are three to five minutes long. So, we now have one video, one post that can now be put on our newsletter, on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, all the social media networks and we're putting that one video there, that's one piece of content.

I mentioned we're putting it on our blog. So we take that video and we now drive our newsletter, which has our email list, which hopefully you're collecting leads and email addresses, then we're then driving them to our blog that has that video.

Then we take that video that we already have, we get a transcription of the video, we turn that into a written blog that goes in addition to with the video.

So now we've just turned our video, all of those content that we've created, and we've now created an entire blog post written in text that can be utilized.

Then we take those transcriptions, that blog, and we take sections of the blog and we turn that into individual social media posts. Now, we can utilize that and turn that into multiple pieces of content.

Do you see how this affects all of what you're doing online?

So you don't need to also create tons of social media content. Your video becomes your email marketing, your social media marketing, and your digital marketing strategy. Yes and having a video on your website also improves SEO, so it's a full-circle digital marketing strategy, and understanding this and utilizing this is how we work smarter, not harder.

Another thing, then you can take it one step further if you've heard me talk about utilizing your content and creating some type of free download, you can actually take that blog that was the audio of your video and turn that into a digital download.

So now we're creating marketing materials that people can download, not to mention we can use the transcriptions, the copy of the video into our sales copy, into our email marketing, like actually writing out emails to people, utilizing the things that are in the video.

Do you see the potential in utilizing video? Your efforts go so much further.

It is not a, oh no, I have to add video. It's a, oh heck yes, I can use video and it can cover so much more and create this amazing marketing machine.

So, what are you waiting for? You're still watching? Go make some videos.

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