E60. Taking Your Thoughts To Court With Kandis James

Take them to court! Who? Your thoughts!

Our thoughts control our actions and can often prevent us from building the life of our dreams. On today's episode of Let's Grow Together, Kandis James shares her insider secrets to tackling those negatives thoughts so you can breakthrough fear and achieve your goals.

Kandis is the founder of Live Your Dreams, an online group coaching program designed to help others create a life they love to live each and every day.

She’s also an author, a business coach for James Wedmore’s Business by Design Next Level, and an Applied Mindfulness and NLP Certified Life & Success Coach - but she prefers the title Dream Life Strategist.

Kandis knows that the true meaning of life is happiness. And the only thing standing in anyone’s way of achieving their dream life is their mind. She hopes to use her wealth of experience and knowledge to help millions of people get outta their head, and step into their best life.

Get the Book: kandisjames.com/book

Start now with 4 Simple Steps to Create a Life You Love: kandisjames.com/4steps

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