Linked In Marketing For Home Care Businesses

Linked In Marketing: Here's How To Use It For Your Home Care Business...

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If you want to get more referrals and business - utilizing LinkedIn is a great tool.

There's a couple of different ways that you can start utilizing LinkedIn for your home care business...


1. Post Content

I know this is kind of a funny one, but when you really think about it, there are so many people on LinkedIn that aren't creating content. They are there and don't ever post.

This is very common across all social media platforms. This isn't an exact stat, but around 98% of people on social media don't actually post. They're just watching. They the viewers.

If you want results with Linked In, its time to move to the 1%/2%. Become a content creator. That's how we're going to stand out.

There's only so far that you can go with liking people's posts that's really going to get you to stand out. When you create content yourself, all right, and post, it's gonna help you to be more seen and be more visible, and really utilize LinkedIn to its fullest potential.


2. Be Personal

Being willing to share personal things on LinkedIn. It's one of the most underrated things you can do.

I think often when we think of LinkedIn, it's a very business professional. Most only share business content and I think this is a huge mistake.

I know that not everyone agrees, but I have first hand seen the success from sharing more personal content.

Here's why it's important (especially for home care)...

This is a very personal business. You're dealing with seniors, discharge planners, social workers.

They need to trust you. If you want to be a real human being and actually connect with people on a personal level then you have to show the other side of yourself (not just the business side of yourself).

Now, I'm not saying you post everything that you would share maybe on Facebook and Instagram on LinkedIn, but being more personal, being human by sharing personal life events, engagements, weddings, and different things are just some of the ways to share more about yourself.

Another example is sharing hobbies and the things that you like to do when you're not working.

It's how we connect with people on a deeper level, which is going to in turn increase that relationship building.

LinkedIn, just like all other social media sites, it's all about making connection and building relationships.

So don't be afraid to post personal content! That content is gonna do so much better.

Side note: if you show your face in the photo - its going to perform even better! That's selfie is going to get so much more engagement than any other posts that you've shared before.

When people see your face, people stop and then they engage and then you're going to get more people that are going to see it. And then in turn, you're going to get better results from your marketing efforts.

This works on all social media platforms, not just LinkedIn.


3. Engage With Others

If you want to actually build relationships, then it is two sided. It can't be just about you posting content. Engage with those who you want to build relationships with.

Yes, LinkedIn is great if you know met the person already, but it can also be used with people you haven't met yet.

This can be a tricky strategy because many people don't connect with people they don't know.

We don't want to just send generic requests. We want to look them up so we can create a personalized request. 

Before doing that we want to research organizations to find the right people. What referral sources do you want to get into?

One of the benefits of Linked In is that you can see where people work.  

You can also use mutual friends, mutual contacts to really get introductions. That's another benefit of LinkedIn is really seeing where these mutual contacts are so that you can get in touch with the right people.

For example, you can get find the director of nursing you want to befriend and see if you have any friends that know him/her.

"Oh hey, do you know ______? 

"Yea, I went to high school with them."

"Would you be willing to make an introduction?"

If you just say, "Hey, I think you'd be a great connect." That's not gonna work as well.

If you can find something on their profile or really take the time to look into the people that you're requesting, check out their website, different things that you can actually send a message that's more personal, that shows that you took the time and tells them "Hey, I really want to connect with you."

Make it clear you didn't just see that button, click connect.

The more that you do this, this is gonna increase the amount of connections and get the conversation off on the right foot. 

Once you're connected, they will now start seeing your content. Especially if you post soon after making the connection.

This will increase the referrals when you're actually posting, because people are seeing you on a regular basis. These referral sources are seeing you even when you are not with them in person.

That's the power of social media!


4. Blanketing The Accounts

Blanketing accounts is when you're making sure that you're connecting with multiple people from one account. Because if the person you know leaves, they're gone. You spent all that time building a relationship and now thats gone.

Once you're connected, you can use them to connect with other members of their organization and build relationships with them as well. 

So these are some ways that you can get more business from LinkedIn.

Now, the last one I'm going to say is bonus one...


BONUS: Make video content.

Are you sick and tired of hearing that yet? You know what it is.

You're going to stand out. You're going to get so much better results on LinkedIn when you're creating video content, so much better. All right, have a good one.


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