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Merry Christmas! Should You Spend Money On Social Media Advertising?

Dec 26, 2019

Hello, everyone, Merry Christmas. On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm gonna be talking about should you spend money on social media advertising?



The short answer, absolutely yes. No question, hands down, you should spend money on social media advertising. And you may be asking why?

Well, based on the algorithms of social media, all of them, they want you to spend money on their platforms. So if you have a business page, they are not showing your business page to audiences. Which is honestly a real bummer because people may have even liked your page and said "Hey, I like your content, I wanna see more of it." Yet they're still not seeing it.

So if you want to make sure that people are seeing your content, you want to spend some advertising dollars. Now, everyone has a different budget and it may be different for you. But a Christmas gift for you is to spend some money into social media advertising.

Now, one thing that often happens when people first start running social media ads and they say, "It doesn't work." It's not the social media that's not working. It's you. Sorry, I know.

The truth of the matter is, if you're just getting into social media advertising and you're doing it yourself, you're not going to be good at it. Sorry, it's just like anything else. It takes a lot of practice to get good and understand the intricacies of running social media, effective social media advertising campaigns in the platforms.

So you need to be able to understand and have patience that it does work but it takes time. You need to work on it. You need to try different things. Another option that you can do is get help. Try and find somebody that can do this for you, someone that can train you or somebody that can do it for you.

Now, generally, no one is going to take care of your advertising dollars better than you, so generally I do recommend that you learn it yourself. And if you're gonna be doing it regularly, it helps to have that knowledge in-house so that you know what you're doing.

So one thing that you can do is you can actually get free training from Facebook. Yes, because they want you to use their platform. They want you to have success. Because the more success you have, guess what, you're gonna give them more money. Yes, so they actually will do free consultations regularly where people follow up.

I had a great call with this guy named Peter. He was great. He helped me out so much, taught me different things that helped my ads perform more effectively.

So remember those things, get help. It does work but it takes time. So give yourself that gift. Have a wonderful holiday and I'll talk to you soon.


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