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More Home Care Referrals With The Thanksgiving Challenge

Nov 10, 2022

Want more referrals this holiday season?

Thanksgiving is approaching and when you participate in this challenge - you will get more referrals and/or reconnect with some key contacts at your referral sources.

Do you want more Home Care referrals this holiday season? Of course you do!

In this post, I’m going to share how you can do this one simple thing and get amazing results. You can also have the opportunity to win some amazing prizes.

So make sure you read the entire post. 

The Thanksgiving Challenge.

First thing, all we have to do is lead with gratitude.

If you know me well, you know that I love gratitude.

I live my life with gratitude.

In fact, I have a gratitude journal every single day.

I'm writing five things that I'm grateful for.

Side note, I'm grateful for you just for reading this blog.

Thank you!

But how can we use and leverage gratitude within our business?

As we all know, Thanksgiving is the time of giving thanks.

So, we want to utilize this, showcase it, reach out and let our referral sources know that we appreciate them.

Reach out to your caregivers, and let them know that we appreciate them.

When you can do this, it's going to make a huge impact on driving results this holiday season.

So what can we do?

What we want to do is we want to send a personalized video message.

When you can send a personalized video message to somebody, it is going to dramatically increase their day.

I promise you I do this all the time.

I literally sent one today to somebody when I had a speaking opportunity.  I reached out to them in a video. She even ended up posting the video on LinkedIn!

But it goes to show, she felt that she appreciated me for even sending the video.

And so that's why she shared it.

And through my experiences in doing this for birthdays, for events, for clients, it really makes such an impact on people's day.

In a world where people are constantly sending emails or sending direct messages, when you do a video message, it's going to have such a greater impact.

It's going to drive greater results.

So how can you record and send this type of video?

1. Recording it on your phone

That's a really simple aspect. You use it on your phone.

A lot of times you have your contact information on your cell phone.

So, a text message is a great way to send a video.

2. Send it via social media

If you're connected with them on LinkedIn or any other social platforms, there's a little trick to that.

The reason why that is such an effective strategy is that if you have a consistent presence on social media, you can have a direct message with somebody on these platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

When you have those conversations, they are now more likely to see your content.

3. Sending that message via Social

It's really impactful. So the next way that you can send it using an app called Loom.

I really love Loom.

The reason why I actually recommend Loom a lot more is because it lets you know that the person watched it.

It also makes sending it really easy because you can send it via email. You just need to create a link for you to then send out.

And so this becomes a really easy tool.

Another thing that's nice about it is when you paste the link into your email, it actually brings up a little thumbnail of the video.

So you're going to get more click rates of people actually opening the video and watching when they see there you are in this video format.

This video tool is highly recommended!

Now, you might be thinking that this is so simple.

You may think that you can just say, “Hey, I just wanted to reach out and say how much I appreciate you for X”, and then put a specific example of what you're appreciative for. 

You can also include how you appreciate your relationship and that you hope they have an incredible holiday.

And that is it!

No need for a call to action, which generally I recommend, right?

But what I know makes this so impactful.

When you don't have a call to action, it comes off so much more authentic that you're not trying to get something out of it.

You could say, “Hey, let's get coffee sometime”, or “Let's schedule a time to get coffee after the holidays”.

If you want to do that, depending on your relationship, use your discretion on what you feel is going to be best received by that particular person.

But generally the message is going to be like 45 seconds long.

So, it's really easy and you can just record a bunch to get those results. I generally recommend that you don't have that call to action.

But just doing this is going to make an amazing impact where they're going to feel your appreciation.

What really makes the difference is people don't remember what you said or did; they remember how you made them feel, as said by the famous Maya Angelo.

Make people feel great, and they're going to remember you.  They're going to want to send you more referrals in the upcoming weeks.

If you do this challenge, which I will give you the details, you will get two things:

1. My brand new course: SOCIAL MEDIA MADE EASY: $500 VALUE

I'm so excited to share this. 

I actually did this course before. But now I've remastered it, remodeled it, re-recorded it. It is now jam-packed with so much content, templates for social media that you can just take and create yourself.

Goes over everything that you need to know about social media to get results. This is a $500 value.

2. Two (2) 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with me : $500 VALUE

This coaching call will help us to strategize and focus on your business, so that you can get greater results. This will aid you to not only learn the things that you need to know to get results, but take action on those things, because that's the only way we're going to get results.

When you have somebody coaching you and pushing you, you're going to drive those results.

That’s why I'm really excited to offer that.

So how can you win?

How can you win these amazing things to generate more leads and business for you on social media?

All you got to do is choose five people that you want to send a personalized message to.

Once you've done that, since I know you're going to get some amazing responses, right?

I want you to then email me the responses that you get.

If for some reason you don't get a response, just send me a message that you prove that you sent these video messages.

And so through that, right?

All you have to do, take those five people, send me the responses, and email me at [email protected].

Then you'll be automatically put into a raffle to win.

If you do this, you'll be randomly selected.

But regardless, the contest doesn't matter.

It's a challenge.

My challenge to you is to do this and send it to five people.

Do that, and get the results.

I just want you to send it to me for accountability and for you a chance to win some awesome bonuses.


One last thing…

You must submit it by November 25.

So go out there, make it happen, get some home care referrals, and have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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