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My First Video

Jan 25, 2023

Well this is embarrassing...

Most people never get started with video because they are worried about being seen as "bad." They assume that people they see are naturally good at being on camera. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Today, we are breaking down the first video I ever recorded. My pain is your education! Enjoy!

My first video?

Oh, it was terrible.

It was so bad.

And now you get to see it.

Today I'm gonna show you my first video as I react to the thing going on in the video.

And to show you that we just have to get started.

There's also some tips along the way that I'll share that I used in my first video that made it a little better.

On today's blog post of Home Care Digital, I'm gonna embarrass myself.

Social media plays a vital role in our business. That’s a fact, right?

So this was when I was working at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises.

So Steve took some time.

He introduced me, and then I jumped on screen.

Today we're talking about the ten reasons why you must have a Facebook page for your Home Care business.

Oh, my gosh, already!

One, the graphics were terrible.

Two, I almost seemed angry in the video.

I was like, today we're talking about Facebook and the ten reasons you should use it.

And if you look, I'm actually not looking at the camera very closely.

You can see I'm actually looking at the screen of the camera.

And so that's kind of a funny thing.

But then here, it jumps in, right?



Because you never know who you're going to see or who's going to see you.

I was struggling so hard to record, and so I had to just cut pieces of me speaking at the conference because I literally could not get a word out.

Like, I couldn't even speak in full sentences.

I was struggling so much.

I share this because, again, I feel your pain.

It's this element of when we do it and we practice, we can improve, but we got to put in the reps.

You can find out their interests.

Do they like to travel?

Do they like sports?

Do they have a case?

It's also a great tool to meet new people.

Again, just showcasing some of the videos that I've done.

I mean, I'll give credit.

I was, like, animated.

I mean, this is kind of funny.

It's engaging to some degree. But, so corny.

I mean, I kind of love it at the same time that it's super corny.

I'm a corny person, so I can't help it.

But it's somewhat engaging.

But the one thing to take notice of this, too, is that I'm doing jump cuts.

And so you can record your videos the same way, where it's like, three, it's free.

And then you go to the next part.

When you edit your videos, it makes it so much easier to do this.

This is a big thing that I've been focusing on with a lot of my students in that when we edit our videos, it becomes so much easier.

I know I'm kind of trashing and embarrassing myself in my first video, but you may watch video and go, “Hey, Nick. That's actually not too bad.

My first video was made five or six years ago.

So I've come a long way since then.

Got more hair on my head.

Well, in some places, you know, kind of receding a little bit.

Anyway, so with this, the more that we start to see the different pieces, right.

When I was just listing things, you can do that too, where you just take it one step at a time.

One, stop, pause, two, stop, and talk about it.

And so it becomes a lot easier when you crop and edit.

Stop trying to record your videos in one take.

That is so difficult.

Like, I had somebody submit a video to be edited and they sent me six versions of it.

They weren't following the program that I teach, which is why they did this.

But they were wasting so much time because they said the intro, like, six times.

You only need to say the intro once, then move on.

Only re record when you mess up, so that you can get your footage done so much quicker.

Fast forward a little…

There's one part that's, like, kind of funny.

It’s about Facebook Insights.

See, all still pretty relative.

Yes, Facebook Insights is great, so that's still a good tip.

More clips of me speaking.

What do we get here? Web traffic.

Got to drive people to the website.

It boosts SEO.

Still true.

So what's great is this is like lasting content.

I'm still getting views on this video, which is pretty funny.

Also notice, I'm   so dry.

There's no energy.

There's no enthusiasm.

This is how a lot of people start and they hear themselves,  and like, “Oh, gosh, I sound so dry and dead!

Yeah, well, that's how it starts.

You have to work on it.

You got to watch yourself to improve.

And so, yes, I'm kind of berating myself here.  But when I watch this video, I'm so proud of myself for willing to put myself out there.

I mean, I shared this video.

I was telling everyone about it.

Oh, my gosh, I made this video!

We could just kind of work to improve.

And the same reason why NFL players and baseball players watch film is so they can improve.

You don't want to watch it and say,”oh, you're trash”, and then you just don't do anymore.

I used to be a diver.

My dad used to record all of my meets.

And so I was able to watch my performances and see where I could improve.

So the same thing goes here.

Yes, we can look at this video.

I didn't re-record this because I didn't like it.

I used it.

I moved forward.

I make new videos.

Don't just get caught up on trying to make it perfect every time. You're never!

Just publish it, move on and keep creating.

Where is this?

This is my favorite part.

The vast majority of Facebook users are on their phone.


Oh, it's so bad, but I loved it too.

I thought it was such a cool effect at the time, but it was not executed very well.

Got to love it.

The point is here that we just have to be willing to get started.

We just have to be willing to try and be seen being bad.

I got so much better when I started just creating content and making videos.

And I built my brand based on just putting myself out there.

This is the other thing I consider why I like my first video.

My hair is all over the place.

I'm wearing this white tee.

I just got done working out.

I'm in my bedroom and it's disorganized everywhere, right?

But I did it and I published it and then I made more videos. I did a video every single week for years.

And now it's today.

I'm still going like six years later, still making a video every single week.

That's repetition.

That's how we get better.

We just have to be willing to do, do and improve.

So I'll leave you with this.

This is my favorite quote.

I share it every time I speak.

In order to be great, we must first be good.

In order to be good, we must first be bad.

This is one of the most impactful quotes.

Like, think about this.

If you have a child and your kid starts to walk and then falls over.

Are you like, “Oh, I guess walking is not for him”

No, you just get up and you try again.

So if you do video and you feel like you're not great at it, that's okay.

You got to be bad so you can be good and you can be good so you can be great.

But it takes time.

We have to be willing to be bad.

Don't just accept I'm not good at video.

Were you ever good at something you did for the very first time?


You're still learning about how to be a better home care owner, how to better manage employees, how to be a better parent, relationships, husband, wife, brother, and sister.

We're always working and growing.

We don't just quit because we're not good at something.

We got to work.

Video is a skill set that will be impactful for you for years to come.


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